64 Percent of High School Seniors Have Had Sex

teens in loveAre more kids having sex than years prior?

The answer depends on where and when.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) just released their brand new Youth Risk Behavior Survey (one of the three studies I’ve been anticipating), a study released every other year that asks teenagers about risky behaviors such as smoking, drinking, fighting at school, sexual activity… and even if they wear a seatbelt. The report breaks the numbers down by state, race, or grade, as well as providing national averages.

As an author who is just finishing up two books about sex, one to parents and another to teenagers, I immediately turned to Continue reading “64 Percent of High School Seniors Have Had Sex” »

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A Book All Husbands Should Read

Doug Fields Great Marriage BookA couple weeks ago Doug Fields finally released a book I’ve been eagerly awaiting, a candid marriage book to men titled, 7 Ways to Be Her Hero.

Speaking frankly, I’m just not that excited about most marriage books. Many of them just don’t seem to provide anything new. But Doug has a history of providing a unique insight into daily life, and he always makes me laugh in the process. Besides, at one time the working title of this book was How Not to Suck as a Husband… so I was eagerly awaiting it (because I don’t want to suck as a husband!!!).

It released about a week ago and I used my Amazon Prime to get the paperback in just two days (I’m not a Kindle guy or I would have grabbed the $2.99 deal they had going). Saturday I opened the book and I literally read about two thirds of it in one sitting. It was that good. Continue reading “A Book All Husbands Should Read” »

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Teen Online Behavior 2014

Teenager-Online-DangersLast week McAfee released their newest Teens and Screens study to help us understand exactly what our kids are doing online.

The report revealed some interesting findings about teens’ online habits.

Here are a few observations worth noting:

Teenagers Love Talking with Strangers:

  • 59% of teenagers engage with strangers online.
  • 1 in 12 meet the online stranger in real life.
  • 33% of teenagers feel more accepted online than in real life.

This report isn’t alone in their findings. Just a few weeks ago Continue reading “Teen Online Behavior 2014” »

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Training Your Own Volunteers

pictureIf you’re a ministry leader, what do you do to keep you leaders sharp?

It didn’t take long for me to discover that all my volunteers enjoyed two things: food and socializing. So I decided to provide both, by gathering all my volunteers together once a month for dinner, with a little dash of training and equipping. My budget was small so we just did a potluck dinner at a different house each month. We would spend the first hour just eating and enjoying each other’s company. Once we finished eating, I spent a little time teaching them about youth culture or sharpening their ministry skills.

So what kind of training can we offer our volunteers without having to bring in a professional? Continue reading “Training Your Own Volunteers” »

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3 Studies I Eagerly Await

teen-social-media-hookup-cultureAs you know, I like to keep my thumb on the pulse of youth culture. (Funny analogy. Does anyone really take someone’s pulse with a thumb?) This means hanging out with teenagers, but also keeping my eyes on research about youth culture and technology.

Currently there are three reports I am eagerly awaiting because of what they tell us about teens and tweens today Continue reading “3 Studies I Eagerly Await” »

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Gimme Your Sex Questions

between the sheetsFor the last few months I’ve been writing a book to parents encouraging and equipping them to have candid conversations with their kids about sex. In a world so full of explicit lies, today’s kids need parents who aren’t afraid to tell the explicit truth. This book will help parents create a climate of calm, continual conversations about sex.

But I need your help with chapter 12. I’m titling it, Tough Questions, and I want to equip parents with answers to some of the tough questions they will encounter from today’s young people about sex.

So don’t hold back! Hit me with the most common, and even the craziest questions you have heard from today’s young people. I’m writing the chapter this week!

Post the Q’s in my comments, and if I use your question Continue reading “Gimme Your Sex Questions” »

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Not My Kid

Teenagers-SmartphonesOn Saturday I showed parents a glimpse into the world of today’s youth culture… and on Sunday a mom pulled me aside. “I have to tell you a story.”

It’s funny, but whenever I spend a weekend teaching parents at a church, the same thing happens. As I show parents samples of pop culture media and discuss the attitudes and trends prominent in the lives of young people today, parents always seem to think, “This is interesting, but I’m glad my kids don’t do these things.”

Then in the next week they discover, “My kids do these things!”

It happened again yesterday Continue reading “Not My Kid” »

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teenagers-listening-parentsI’m working on a brand new Parenting Help article that will be featured on the front page of TheSource4Parents.com next week. I thought I’d give you, my blog subscribers, a first peek at it and throw me some feedback.

Which do you think is a more effective way to teach today’s young people how to make good decisions?

“You should do this.”


“What do you think you should do?”

It’s funny how often parents, mentors, and youth pastors end up becoming the voice of “you should” or “you should not” in a young person’s life Continue reading “Moving from YOU SHOULD to SHOULD YOU?” »

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The Lonely Road of Doing Whatever You Want

Miley-do-what-you-wantThe following is an excerpt from my new book, The Guy’s Guide to God, Girls and the Phone in Your Pocket. This is just one of the 101 pieces of advice I offer to young guys in that book.

In the summer of 2013, Miley Cyrus came out with a song with the following lyrics:

It’s our party we can do what we want
It’s our party we can say what we want
It’s our party we can love who we want

Repeated throughout the chorus is the line:

Doing whatever we want

Wouldn’t that be nice? I guess it’s possible . . . as long as Continue reading “The Lonely Road of Doing Whatever You Want” »

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Asking Right Questions… the Wrong Way

parents-listeningDo your kids open up or clam up when you ask questions?

Think about that for a second. Because chances are, you ask questions one of two ways. One approach gets young people talking. The other tactic… they look for the nearest exit.

Last weekend I taught two workshops in Wisconsin, one to parents and anther to youth workers. One of the common denominators in that teaching was encouraging each of these groups to truly “get to know their kids.” In the parenting workshop I actually gave them a homework assignment:

“Connect with your kid this week and see if you can discover something about them you never knew before.”

I qualified that assignment by warning them Continue reading “Asking Right Questions… the Wrong Way” »

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