Netflix Binging

girl_watchingphone-DP.comAnd how we can use Netflix to connect with our kids

It’s funny how the proliferation of mobile devices is actually changing the way young people watch entertainment. One of the biggest changes is video streaming.

Think about it. At the turn of the Millennium, had you ever even heard the word “Netflix”? It wasn’t until 2001 when the company’s name began gaining recognition because Best Buy gave them exposure. You, like me, might remember them in the early 2000’s as a unique way to “rent movies” through the mail. Then come 2007 they began their video streaming services…

…and entertainment changed.

Now if you walk through a college dorm and see a Continue reading “Netflix Binging” »

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Helping Today’s Parents

girl-dad-fightMy 3 Favorite Places to Get Real-World Help for Parents

Parenting was difficult for my parents, and I wasn’t even begging them for a Smartphone! Now add technology into the mix… how are today’s parents even supposed to handle the following situations (true circumstances parents ask me about constantly):

  • My daughter just sits and watches Netflix all afternoon… and honestly… I don’t even know what she’s watching.
  • My 11-year-old son plays X-box with his headset on talking with who knows. Should I know who he’s talking to?
  • My teenagers’ favorite app is Continue reading “Helping Today’s Parents” »
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Free Ministry-Leaders Training in NorCal

New-Breed-Wkshop-LOGO webRecruiting volunteers ain’t like it used to be. Volunteers have changed. Have you changed too?

I love ministry leaders.. and ministry leaders love FREE. So Saturday, April 9th I’m teaching a free training workshop in Northern California for any ministry leaders who recruit volunteers! (Thanks Youth for Christ for hosting this!)

The training is based off my two Group books on the subject (The Skinny, and The New Breed), equipping ministry leaders to Continue reading “Free Ministry-Leaders Training in NorCal” »

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3 Tips Speaking to Kids… Who Don’t Want to Listen

Jonathan-AssemblyA few months ago a youth worker from El Paso, TX called me up and asked, “Do you want to speak at school assemblies for a week in Texas?”

If I would have answered him honestly, I would have responded, “No way!”

Why? Because who would be stupid enough to get up in front of a bunch of kids who don’t want to hear a speaker… and try to speak to them?

I guess I’m that stupid. That’s why in this post I’m going to give you 3 tips I’ve learned along the way that have helped me when speaking to kids in difficult venues Continue reading “3 Tips Speaking to Kids… Who Don’t Want to Listen” »

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Top 30 Youth Ministry Blogs

Top-30-YM-Blogs-300x300This month posted the Top 30 Youth Ministry blogs and thanks to readers like you, we made the list… twice!

They listed THE SOURCE FOR YOUTH MINISTRY in slot No. 5, and then my personal blog in slot No. 12.

Take a peek at the whole list Continue reading “Top 30 Youth Ministry Blogs” »

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I’m On Your Radio Today

Jonathan-McKee-interviewThis week I’ll be interviewed by Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine on Family Life Today, aired on over 1400 radio stations in the US.

I’ll be their guest three days in a row starting today- March 16, 17 and 18, talking with Dennis and Bob about engaging our kids in meaningful conversations about SEX. The two of them discuss my new book to parents, More Than Just the Talk.

Spread the word to parents in your area so they can hear the show live, or jump HERE on the Family Life website and you can listen to it online Continue reading “I’m On Your Radio Today” »

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Do Carl’s Jr.’s Sexy Ads Sell?

memphis-bbq-Carls JrDoes sex sell?

Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s is known for their over-the-top sexy ads. From Paris Hilton sensually washing a Bentley while eating a burger, to two girls getting in a scuffle at the BBQ grill and seductively intertwining to eat the Memphis BBQ burger.

The question is… do these ads actually sell burgers?
Continue reading “Do Carl’s Jr.’s Sexy Ads Sell?” »

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Top 3 qualities I’m looking for when I hire

LeadershipSomeone just asked me, “Jonathan, we’re looking for a new youth pastor. What would you look for in a youth pastor?”

What would you say?

Good speaker?

Kids like them?


(Those are the ones I hear from people frequently.)

To be honest (see what I did there?), none of those three above make my top three Continue reading “Top 3 qualities I’m looking for when I hire” »

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Putting answers in the hands of young people

LifeBookWorking with teenagers, I always have my eyes open for relevant books, evangelism tools and devotionals (last year I even answered that question in this blog, “Any good resources for my mentors to develop our student leaders?”).

This week I stumbled upon an incredible resource sharing the Gospel truth in a relevant way. It’s a little book from the Gideons called The Life Book… and being from the Gideons, that makes it completely free to churches Continue reading “Putting answers in the hands of young people” »

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Terry Crews’ Porn Addiction

Terry CrewsActor Terry Crews took a bold step this month, going public about his past addiction to porn.

Many know Crews from his acting in shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine or even his voice work in the Veggie Tales Celery Night Fever video. He’s an ex-NFL player and a role model to many.

In his vulnerable Facebook post he talks about his Continue reading “Terry Crews’ Porn Addiction” »

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