Top 10 List: What I Learned at the Raiders/Broncos Game in Oakland Last Night

Posted on: 09/9/19 11:05 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Last night we went to the Broncos game in Oakland…sitting in the nosebleeds!

I had heard numerous stories about Oakland fans, but this was my first opportunity to experience them firsthand.

Here’s my top list of what I observed:

10. Antonio Brown is not a popular fellow in Oakland

9. People on parole certainly do enjoy football

8. More Raiders players prayed at the beginning of the game than Broncos players.

7. A person can get high on second-hand smoke (and I hope I don’t need a drug test anytime soon)

6. Raiders fans don’t like cops

5. California + sun + September DOES NOT = warm in Oakland

4. Cheerleaders do not dress for warmth

3. The lower the ticket price of a seat the higher the consumption of beer

2. The prices I pay for popcorn and a soda at the movies is a SCREAMING DEAL!

1. The f-word can be used as a noun, adjective, verb, adverb, and a gerund.

Enjoy them Vegas!