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Do you have mean girls or mean boys?

When you watch a teen movie with jocks, nerds, bullies, outcasts… who do you tend to identify with the most?
Where is a safe place for you?
Do your parents understand what life is like for you at school? Continue Reading

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Mean girls, mean boys, mean words…

These words are often posted everywhere, for everyone to see… and they have devastating effects. Continue Reading

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When teasing goes too far

Do your kids resonate with 13 Reasons Why? Do they ever feel, or have any friends who feel bullied, teased, mocked, or pushed too far? My longtime blog readers might remember me talking about a book I have been writing … Continue Reading

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3 Steps Preventing Bullying and Gossip

MOVING TEENS FROM COMPASSION TO ACTION- WITH A YOUTUBE VIDEO AND SMALL GROUP QUESTIONS YOU CAN USE! “Lord, will you please help all the kids who are bullied around the world.” That was my nephew’s prayer. A few years ago … Continue Reading

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