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Kanye West, MTV and Small Screens

Kanye West debuted his bizarre new music video on the MTV Music Video Awards (VMAs) a week ago… and nobody cared. Until the next day. Then it went viral. The reason is simple: young people are changing the way they … Continue reading

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Contemplating “Suicide Squad”

“Outside you’re amazing, but inside you’re ugly.” “We all are.” (Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad) Imperfection isn’t anything to celebrate. But awareness of your own flaws is a step in the right direction. That’s probably why I enjoyed DC Film’s Suicide … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Use Pokémon Go for Conversations

Everyone is jumping on the Pokémon Go craze… the most viral fad since the Harlem Shake. Every news channel has given their take on it, explaining it play by play, analyzing it’s effect on the work place, even providing tips … Continue reading

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From Disney Star to Vixen

Demi Lovato is in the headlines again with her sexy new release, Body Say. Sadly, her story isn’t very unique: Disney star. My own girls watched her show Sonny with a Chance and the Camp Rock movies. At age 18, … Continue reading

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The Draw of Nudity

In 2013 The Discovery Channel launched a show with the title Naked and Afraid. It’s now in its 5th season. The following year VH1 launched Dating Naked. The Season 3 premier was on last week. What’s next… Bowling Naked? Nudity … Continue reading

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On TV Last Week

Last week I was interviewed on live TV, the Canadian TV show 100 Huntley Street, sharing ideas from my new book about how to actually connect with our kids who can’t seem to pry their eyes from their mobile devices. … Continue reading

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Are Today’s Teens Taking Less Risks?

Are kids having more sex than years prior? Are kids smoking more or less pot? What about texting and driving? The Center for Disease Control (CDC) just released their brand new Youth Risk Behavior Survey, a study released every other … Continue reading

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I want the truth… kind of

In 1992 Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson gave incredible performances in the riveting movie, A Few Good Men. In their memorable exchange, Nicholson’s character Col. Nathan Jessup barked out a line so profound that it made it into the AFI’s … Continue reading

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SNL Mocks Christian Films

Saturday Night Live (SNL) has been poking fun at Christians for years. The question I want to ask is: is there any validity to their jesting? Or more importantly, can we learn anything from it? A few weeks ago SNL … Continue reading

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Dialoguing About Gender Identity

There’s been a lot of buzz about gender identity recently, and young people are taking note. The question is… what are they resolving as true? I stumbled on two very helpful resources in the past few weeks that provide really … Continue reading

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