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Grandma’s Read Beyonce Lyrics

This is just too good for me to mess up with words. My friends over at Youth Culture Report tweeted me this. It’s three grandmas reading and commenting on the lyrics of Beyonce’s current hit song, Drunk In Love. Classic! … Continue reading

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Do You Really Want to Know?

A teenager asked me about illegal downloading of music the other day, wondering if it was legal to turn YouTube videos into music. “A friend of mine said he researched it and it was okay.” The timing of her question … Continue reading

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These guys stuck out

I speak at about 25 events a year. And in a world where most Christian events contain two elements—a band, and a speaker—I hear A LOT of worship bands. Last weekend I heard a band that really stuck out. Let … Continue reading

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The Biggest Surprise from the Super Bowl

Boring, depressing, a complete blowout… call it what you want, but Sunday’s Super Bowl game was the most-watched television show in U.S. history, drawing 111.5 million people on average. That’s a lot of people watching the competition between the top … Continue reading

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Christmas Flash Mob

Let’s be honest, sometimes during Christmas we get distracted by shopping, wrapping, cooking, working… and we don’t necessarily forget, but we don’t take time to just stop and soak in the true reason behind Christmas. Shoppers at a mall in … Continue reading

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Friends with the Monster

How do young people deal with adversity today? Do they fight their demons, addictions and problems… or do they make friends with these monsters? Young people are always searching for ways to cope. In their quest for answers, many turn … Continue reading

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Rebecca Black’s Saturday

Perhaps you finally purged Rebecca Black’s autotuned 2011 music video, Friday, from your memory. Sadly, the autotuning is back, because last weekend the now 16-year-old Black released her new music video apply titled Saturday, where she joins with YouTube personality … Continue reading

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Another Little Taste of Christmas

Last week I posted a fun little YouTube video to get us in the Christmas spirit… and reader Dan Manns linked another video in his comment that caught my eye. In this YouTube video, the “Piano Guys” rotate around the … Continue reading

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A Little Taste of Christmas

My Twitter and Facebook followers know that my wife Lori has been itching for Christmas since a little before Halloween, already playing Christmas music in our office mid October. Here’s a little sum-something trending on YouTube to help you bring … Continue reading

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Dad, Can I Download Katy Perry’s New Album?

Katy Perry’s new album Prism has been out for just a couple weeks, and it already landed a number one spot on the Billboard charts. But this doesn’t seem to be the same Katy Perry we once knew. What can … Continue reading

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