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why STDs are at an unprecedented high

As a guy who has my eyes on these articles every day, I wouldn’t dare suggest one specific cause of this increase in STDs. It’s probably a little messier than that. Sadly, I see a multitude of sources providing misinformation about sexual activity… Continue reading

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The 30 Most Influential Teens

Time has released their annual list of the 30 most influential teens of 2016, and it’s intriguing to see the personalities who are resonating with today’s young people. When you read through the list you’ll probably discover some common denominators. … Continue reading

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Parenting Amish

In the beginning of my book More Than Just the Talk I give an example of speaking in a conservative Mennonite Brethren church in Amish, PA, and listening to parents share stories of the racy content their kids were exposed … Continue reading

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Trump, The P-word, and Hypocrites

I try not to get political and I try not to rant. I’ll keep my momentum of NOT getting political in this post. This post is not about Trump… it’s about our hypocritical nation. Last week we all heard recordings … Continue reading

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The Christian music kids like… or do they?

Last week I hosted a contest in this blog asking you which Christian songs today’s kids actually like and wouldn’t hesitate playing to their friends. Here are the results. The response was overwhelming. You’ll probably find that post’s comment section … Continue reading

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CONTEST: What Christian Music Do Today’s Kids Actually Like?

Okay… it’s time for me to give something away. A Christian CD of your choice to the winner. Here’s what I want– answer this simple question: What Christian songs (I want song and artist) can you play that today’s young … Continue reading

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Top 5 Impactful Christian Music Artists in the 80’s

Did you grow up in the 80’s? Did you listen to Christian music in the 80’s? My wife Lori was playing Amy Grant’s Straight Ahead album in the car the other day and my girls began complaining. Lori and I … Continue reading

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From Disney Star to Vixen

Demi Lovato is in the headlines again with her sexy new release, Body Say. Sadly, her story isn’t very unique: Disney star. My own girls watched her show Sonny with a Chance and the Camp Rock movies. At age 18, … Continue reading

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Top Tunes of 2015

As 2015 comes to an end, it’s always intriguing to look back at what young people were listening to. Many of you may remember exactly how much young people value music from our recent Youth Culture Window article about entertainment … Continue reading

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Teen Media Consumption 2015

How many hours per day do your kids digest entertainment media and technology? Think about it for a moment. If you add up all the screen time, music, social media, video games, TV, mobile video… all of it! How many … Continue reading

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