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Contemplating “Suicide Squad”

“Outside you’re amazing, but inside you’re ugly.” “We all are.” (Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad) Imperfection isn’t anything to celebrate. But awareness of your own flaws is a step in the right direction. That’s probably why I enjoyed DC Film’s Suicide … Continue reading

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Netflix Binging

And how we can use Netflix to connect with our kids It’s funny how the proliferation of mobile devices is actually changing the way young people watch entertainment. One of the biggest changes is video streaming. Think about it. At … Continue reading

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Best Movie of the Decade

I just saw the best movie I’ve seen in a decade… twice! For those who have been following my Insta or Twitter… you’ve been hearing little blips of my excitement about the new Star Wars film that premiered this weekend. … Continue reading

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Teen Media Consumption 2015

How many hours per day do your kids digest entertainment media and technology? Think about it for a moment. If you add up all the screen time, music, social media, video games, TV, mobile video… all of it! How many … Continue reading

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Top 5 Scary Movies… and 1 TV Show

It’s Halloween in America today (as I write here from South Africa), and for many of us, that means it’s time to sit down on the couch, pop some popcorn and watch something scary. This generation loves scary movies, and … Continue reading

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Loving Jurassic World

Quality movies have been difficult to find of late. I’m a big “movie buff” and lately I actually find myself going to the theatre less and less, not because of time or money… but because of lack of selection. Enter … Continue reading

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Giving Away Avengers Tickets

WINNER POSTED! (see below) You know how much I like movies… so I thought I’d have a nice little contest and give away some Avenger tickets for the new film coming out this Friday! (Your choice of the tickets, or … Continue reading

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Favorite Easter Clips

Year after year I encounter powerful movie, TV and YouTube clips that provoke meaningful discussions about Easter and Christ’s sacrifice for us (we even saw one last season that we highlighted on our The Gospel According to The Walking Dead … Continue reading

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Teenaged Doubters

Whenever I talk with today’s teenagers, I see them processing what I tell them. It’s almost as if they are weighing it in their minds: “Does he really know what he is talking about? Does this make sense? Would this … Continue reading

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Content with My Sin

I Just finished watching a movie on my flight, This is Where I Leave You. The film was extremely well written, with powerful performances and real-to-life characters. There was just one problem… I walked away content with my own sin. Life … Continue reading

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