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Top 3 qualities I’m looking for when I hire

Someone just asked me, “Jonathan, we’re looking for a new youth pastor. What would you look for in a youth pastor?” What would you say? Good speaker? Kids like them? Organized? (Those are the ones I hear from people frequently.) … Continue reading

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Poor Leadership 101

The youth ministry was fizzling out and no one knew why. It was as simple as this: kids weren’t meeting Jesus, and the ones that already knew Jesus weren’t growing. As a result the group had sputtered and was on … Continue reading

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Who’s Your Timothy?

About 25 years ago I volunteered as a small group leader in the high school ministry of my church. It was there I met my friend Lorin, a man in his twenties who was discipling three teenage boys. We love … Continue reading

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Recruiting Your Volunteer Dream Team

Have you ever sat in church on a Sunday morning, looked around the room and coveted volunteers? Okay, maybe it’s just me. I’ll notice a young couple I know sitting across the isle who are fun, relevant and on fire … Continue reading

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Developing Student Leaders

This week I received a great question in the form of a tweet, one I’ve been asked repeatedly about mentoring young people. Youth pastor Brandon asked me about developing today’s student leaders. He finished reading my book, Ministry By Teenagers, … Continue reading

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10 Things That Made Me Pause in Uganda

I’m in my second week of my visit here to Kampala. Three days left. We’ve done three full days of training, I’ve spoke at several schools, met with youth workers, preached three services yesterday (three 2-hour services… a little longer … Continue reading

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American Idol’s Spiritual Advisor

American Idol is still captivating American audiences, and this season the show has brought a new adviser backstage to act as a “life coach” for the young Idol hopefuls… a Christian counselor who has been helping NASCAR drivers since 1999. … Continue reading

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Discipling Teenagers

In the nineties youth ministry was so focused on ‘effective outreach,’ often ‘effective spiritual growth’ was moved to the back burner. This went on for about a decade, until the church had to begin doing triage with kids who had … Continue reading

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3 Best Practices Developing Young Leaders

I just heard my friend Doug Fields share three “best practices” developing young leaders helpful not only in the context of youth ministry, but also in the context of parenting. Doug is a big believer in developing young leaders. In … Continue reading

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Motivating Young People to Get Involved

WHY do young people get involved? HOW do you get them involved? What should we NOT do, when trying to get young people involved? In this short and highly informative YouTube video from last year’s The Summit conference (from Youth … Continue reading

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