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Ashley’s Unconventional Speech

Last Friday night Lori and I got a chance to escort Ashley onto the football field at halftime for the Homecoming “Royal Court” while the commentator read her speech. I guess I should have know what to expect, knowing Ashley. … Continue reading

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My Top 10 Post Surgery Activities

This morning, as you read this, I’m being rolled into surgery for a rotator cuff repair. It’s been six weeks since I first tore my shoulder (something I’ve replayed in my mind over and over again, regretting more and more … Continue reading

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Dad’s Version of “Rude”

Magic’s song “Rude” has been at the top of the charts for over a month now, currently at the No. 1 spot on Billboard, Spotify and iTunes. And now, a parody of the song is going viral on YouTube. Magic’s … Continue reading

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Tim Hawkins Greatest Bits

Christian Comedian Tim Hawkins kills me! I first heard him at an event we spoke at together. He had the crowd rolling on the floor! Tim’s really good at helping us laugh at ourselves. Hilarious. In December he put out … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Read Beyonce Lyrics

This is just too good for me to mess up with words. My friends over at Youth Culture Report tweeted me this. It’s three grandmas reading and commenting on the lyrics of Beyonce’s current hit song, Drunk In Love. Classic! … Continue reading

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The Bro App

Okay, this is either really hilarious… or really sad. It’s called the BroApp. A couple of Australian tech guys noticed a market for a product that would help irresponsible “bros” text their girlfriends regularly to tell them they care. Hmmmmm… … Continue reading

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Kids React to Rotary Phones

It’s always funny to see how kids react to pieces of our past… and that’s what the YouTube channel “Kids React to…” loves to show us. A while back I showed you a video of theirs, Kids React to Lady … Continue reading

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Lieutenant Colonel Christmas

Most people love Christmas, but in my house, Ashley LOVES Christmas… sometimes a little too much! I know, I know… how could someone love it too much? If you lived in my house in late November through the New Year, … Continue reading

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Get Off the Phone Now

My friend Doug Fields found this video from YouTube comedy duo Rhett and Link… and I had to share it with you, the GET OFF THE PHONE SONG. Hilarious… and a little convicting (I’ve totally been that guy tweeting about … Continue reading

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80’s Flashback

Oh… this is good. If you haven’t seen this yet, you’ve gotta try this little 80’s gaming flashback. Try this: 1. Pick any YouTube video. (An individual video – not channel videos) 2. Play it, then pause. 3. Click somewhere … Continue reading

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