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Tim Hawkins Greatest Bits

Christian Comedian Tim Hawkins kills me! I first heard him at an event we spoke at together. He had the crowd rolling on the floor! Tim’s really good at helping us laugh at ourselves. Hilarious. In December he put out … Continue reading

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Shame on us

THE WORLD VISION SAME SEX DECISIONS AND THE REPERCUSSIONS Interesting… I was halfway through writing this blog Wednesday and everything flipped on its head. If you missed the scoop, here’s the skinny: -       A few days ago international world relief … Continue reading

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The Kids Outside the Gates

Here’s a puzzle to solve. No, it’s not a riddle or a mind bender. It’s a true ministry dilemma sure to spark discussion among people with a passion for ministry  (Which is the exact type of ‘case study’ I liked … Continue reading

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Discipling Teenagers

In the nineties youth ministry was so focused on ‘effective outreach,’ often ‘effective spiritual growth’ was moved to the back burner. This went on for about a decade, until the church had to begin doing triage with kids who had … Continue reading

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Motivating Young People to Get Involved

WHY do young people get involved? HOW do you get them involved? What should we NOT do, when trying to get young people involved? In this short and highly informative YouTube video from last year’s The Summit conference (from Youth … Continue reading

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Seminary Trained Plumbers

Do you have to be a minister… to do ministry? “What do you want to be when you grow up?” “A fireman.” “A doctor.” “A pastor.” Is one of these more noble than the next? Is only one of these … Continue reading

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Tickets for Two in Southern CA

This May will be the second year I’ll be speaking at the FAM Conference May 16-18th with my friends Doug Fields and Jim Burns at Azusa Pacific University in Southern California. I’ve got an exclusive discount for all of you … Continue reading

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The Popularity of Unaffiliated

A new year brings new trends, and one of these growing trends just might be claiming “unaffiliated.” On December 18th, The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life released their newest Global Religious Landscape study. In other words… who believes … Continue reading

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“I Hate Recruiting” Contest

It’s time for me to give away a few copies of my new book about recruiting & keeping volunteers! (WINNERS POSTED AT BOTTOM OF POST) If you’re involved in church leadership, then you know the power of volunteers. You also … Continue reading

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Recruiting Help is Still Changing

Five years ago this fall we released the first edition of The New Breed, claiming that volunteers are different… and the way we recruit and manage them needs to be different. Any youth worker, children’s worker, or volunteer manager of … Continue reading

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