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president of The Source for Youth Ministry, is the author of over a dozen books including the new Get Your Teenager Talking, The Guy's Guide to God, Girls and the Phone in Your Pocket, The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide for Teenager, and youth ministry books like Ministry By Teenagers, Connect: Real Relationships in a World of Isolation, and the 10-Minute Talks series. Jonathan speaks and trains at conferences, churches and events across North America, all while providing free resources for youth workers and parents on his websites, and You can follow Jonathan on his blog, getting a regular dose of youth culture and parenting help. Jonathan and his wife Lori, and their three teenagers Alec, Alyssa and Ashley live in California.

Teenaged Doubters

Whenever I talk with today’s teenagers, I see them processing what I tell them. It’s almost as if they are weighing it in their minds: “Does he really know what he is talking about? Does this make sense? Would this … Continue reading

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Conversations about Sex

They’re here! I’ve never experienced so much anticipation for one of my books–two of my books actually–probably because they’re candidly addressing the truth about a subject usually kept hush-hush. I’m talking about my two brand new books about sex (both … Continue reading

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Walking Dead Conversations

It’s nice when the most watched cable show happens to also be one of the most discussion-provoking shows on television. (And that’s why we post discussion questions pointing to scripture after every episode.) I’m talking about The Walking Dead. The … Continue reading

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Sex Matters

Two brand new resource are releasing that will help us dialogue about an issue… we usually keep hush hush! The end of this week two of my brand new books about SEX will literally be coming off the press and … Continue reading

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The Intertwining Power of Music and Television

In my previous post I highlighted some eye-catching elements that many parents overlooked during last Sunday’s Super Bowl broadcast (and no, it had nothing to do with the Illuminati). In this post, I want to turn my attention strictly to … Continue reading

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The Need for Super Bowl Conversations

After spending an entire weekend with a couple thousand teenagers in South Carolina, my attention was immediately turned to the most watched television broadcast of the year in the United States: the Super Bowl. It was an intriguing transition. The … Continue reading

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Quiz for the Super Bowl

It’s almost Super Bowl time… and that means our annual BIG GAME Quiz! For those of you have been following for the past few years, you probably look forward to the fun little free resource we provide every year … Continue reading

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Content with My Sin

I Just finished watching a movie on my flight, This is Where I Leave You. The film was extremely well written, with powerful performances and real-to-life characters. There was just one problem… I walked away content with my own sin. Life … Continue reading

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From SnapChat to Tappy

It’s called Tappy. It’s the newest app acquired by Tinder, and the buzz is that it’s Instagram meets Snapchat. The conversation begins with a photo, and then becomes chat. All messages disappear after 24 hours. It’s everything young people want: … Continue reading

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MORE No Prep Games

Earlier this week I shared a fun “no-prep” game, the kind that you can do on the fly to fill a void or liven up a party or event. The nice thing about no-prep games is that you don’t  have … Continue reading

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