Yeah… we’re just giving these away

Posted on: 10/1/18 4:40 PM | by Jonathan McKee

I’ve got a bunch of good stuff to give away this month—including this pair of Oakley’s (leftover from our running/biking fund raiser), and four signed copies of my upcoming book, The Bullying Breakthrough—so let’s have a little contest!

This contest is especially for youth workers. So if you serve with young people in any way, follow the three steps below and I’ll draw 5 winners out of a hat at the end of the month.

Most of you saw we launched our newly revamped website last week. Well, we’re working out the kinks and we’d like your feedback. So we decided to offer the simplest contest in the world. It’s easy: just try out one of our resources, then send me a sentence or two of feedback. Your feedback automatically enters you to win.

Here’s the details—follow these three steps:

 1. Jump on and click around the new site

2. Choose a page you’d like to try out. DON’T just tell me, “I love your games page. We use it all the time.” Actually take a few seconds and give it a test drive. Here’s some ways you can help us evaluate one of these:

For example, if you like the Games & Icebreakers page with over 1,000 free game ideas, then click the CUSTOM GAME SEARCH button and try a search for your unique setting. Maybe you choose a game for 1-20 kidswith no prep timewhere all playand it only takes one or two quick props(you don’t have to select every criteria—the less you select, the broader the search). Hit SEARCH. How did the search turn out? Which game is a perfect fit? Or, if the search didn’t seem to match your criteria… be specific… which game didn’t match up? (We have our game guys going through ALL 1,000 games right now tweaking this to perfection. So we value your feedback!)

Or maybe you like the Music Discussions page with literally hundreds of songs ready to discuss “ready made” for you with scripture and small group questions. Try a song. How was the transition statement and/or wrap up? How relevant were the small group questions? Which was one music discussion that really looked good to you? Did you encounter anything you didn’t like?

Or maybe you liked the Free Training Videos page, which has exactly what the name implies—completely free youth ministry training videos helping you with anything from game leading to skit leading, evangelism, connecting with kids, leading small groups, etc. Did the video provide you with good ideas? Which one did you especially like? Any training you didn’t see that you would like to see?

3.  Simply comment in this blog post OR hit me with a reply to this post and tell me three things: your name, your city, and your feedback.

Anyone who can follow those instructions is automatically entered into the contest. I’ll be drawing the names on the last day of October! So take your time this month and give these resources a try!

Thanks everyone!

21 Replies to “Yeah… we’re just giving these away”

  1. SO love your website brother! I’ve been using it AND reading/buying all your books as well since the beginning and it has always been a website I frequent. The games are awesome! I love how you have them categorized by group size, by easy set up, to anyone who can play. I also love the Parenting site as well…working with families is how you can really get connected to the kids and your parenting articles are top notch that I print them out and put them on our Family Ministries Center booth! Btw, your BYSTANDERS book is captivating…LOVE the rawness too, wow!

    1. Thanks Scott. Glad you enjoy it. Glad you like the game page- do me a quick favor and give the game page a test drive and give me some specific feedback on how the search returns. Did it provide what you were looking for specifically? Was there any game that stuck out funny or didn’t match the criteria?

  2. This website is so helpful in every way. Each area is full of ideas, help, and encouragement. You will, without a doubt, continue to be a deeply needed resource for our ministry.

  3. Nathan – Fort Wayne, Indiana

    I really appreciate the Movie Clip Discussions. Introducing different types of media is a way to keep the kids engaged. It also helps that it is sorted by topic. That saves me, the youth pastor, a lot of time. One thing that may be helpful is also sorting them by whether or not the clip is available online or if I need to own the DVD and pull it from the disc. You could also see how many are available on YouTube and provide the YouTube link on the clip’s page. Thanks for all that you do. Your page and the time you invest makes a difference.

    1. Thanks man. Yeah, the movie clip discussion page has always been difficult because of copyright. We even partnered with “Wingclips” trying to use the clips they got permission for- but even those clips would disappear and then we had a discussion with no clip. So the difficult part of that resource is the burden of “getting the DVD” or “searching for the clip online” always is on the user (because they always change). I think that’s one reason I like the MUSIC DISCUSSIONS page so much better… it’s the exact same format, but using songs and music videos that are easy to grab. (Just a little behind the scenes for you)

  4. Your site has been a “go-to” for years! Nice upgrade. Check out the skits. I think something happened when you copied over the text. Some of the words have some extra letters. You can still read it, but could you a little attention. Everything else is great! I’ll try to do better about leaving a comment after I use something. Thanks for all you do for Youth Ministry! Blessings, Jeff

  5. Love the new look!
    Today I went looking for help on trying to talk with teens about reporting dangerous situations at school (or elsewhere) instead of keeping quiet. I looked on the Blog page and on the Parents page (had not been to this one before). While I found a lot of material, I had trouble trying to find what I was looking for simply by looking at the title. Same with Games with a message. I wonder if under the title (blogs might be a little more difficult) it could simply list themes that the game would go with like “trust, relationships, dishonesty” something like that. Maybe a “topic” heading like the Movie and Music pages. Just at thought….

    1. Good feedback Elise. The blog actually does have categories… but topics more like YOUTH MINISTRY, and SMARTPHONES, etc. But you’re right about the games with a point… it would be nice to see those topics. I’ll have my game guy at least list MAIN POINT first in the games so it can be seen. And maybe we can add a “organize by topic” to those as well. Thanks.

  6. I have been using your stuff for years and it is such a blessing to our ministry! The new website looks great. My favorite resource is the Youth Culture Window. This helps me to keep up with what it happening in the lives of our youth and allows me to share those things with our parents. The updated look with the pictures and titles in bold text make it supper easy to find what I’m looking for and makes it easier to browse. Thanks for providing GREAT resources!

  7. Karen Drozdowski- Cypress
    I am new to your site and found it as I was searching for confirmation ideas for teens. I will be using the Black Eyed Peas song activity this weekend and can’t wait to see how it goes. I love how you use creative ways to connect with teens and show the positive benefits of living a faith-filled life. Thank you! I look forward to more exploring.

  8. Hi Jonathan, I use your movie clips often in my classes and youth devos. They are easy to use and the follow up questions are great. A filter using the scripture text would be helpful if possible. Thanks for everything. I am enjoying the Bystanders book and getting close to finishing it.

    1. Thanks Roger… we actually brainstormed about that and were limited on the number of “query” fields we could do (or it just became ridiculously complicated), so we opted for just topic. But I hear you… scripture would have been nice as well.

  9. Oh my word! I love the new site! I really enjoyed how clean the list of items is when using the search function! We use the game suggestions all the time but having games that need a blindfold (I searched for the word blindfold) come back with one simple quick was awesome! I also like the music discussions page. Ive never really checked that out before. GREAT JOB!!!

    I am a part time youth pastor (who am I kidding, its a full time job) and love love LOVE this resource!

  10. Love your site! I know that I can find relevant and engaging information when preparing lessons for our youth.
    I ran into a glitch while navigating the game “Acting Out”. I clicked on the Also see.. choices and received an error message 404 page not found.
    Tina- Cedarville, AR

  11. Hey Johnathan! I’ve been using Source for YM for years. It’s been great especially for games. The most exciting page is the “Youth Ministry Help” page. I’m entering into my first full-time youth director position so this has definitely been a big help. I would love to see an easy way to sort through these posts and articles to find specific topics I need “help” in. Anyways, thank you! I love the new redesign and I can’t wait for all the new content that’ll be added!! Thanks!!

    Jordan – Oakland, CA

  12. The youtube discussion page is great for our junior high students! Thanks for the questions. Our youth leaders can easily access the videos and utilize the questions.

    Daniel Tai / Fremont, CA

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