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The hours leading up to Jesus’ death as told by two children

Okay… this is completely adorable. Here’s the story of Easter from the perspective of two small children. It’s the Gospel story in less than three minutes on YouTube! How’s that for being relevant to today’s generation of young people! Take … Continue Reading

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Easter talks, ideas, movie clip discussions…

I was just clicking through our movie clip discussions page and watched some amazing clips (from secular movies no doubt) with CLEAR Gospel presentations or scenes begging for discussion (I still can’t believe how clear Steven Spielberg’s film Amistad presented the Gospel!!) Continue Reading

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Interviewed on Canadian TV

I love host Maggie Johns who opens the door immediately declaring, “Social media! You can’t hide it from your kids forever!” She thanks me for my new book, The Teen’s Guide to Social Media and Mobile Devices and informs me, “This is the book I’m going to give to my son Ethan on his 13th birthday!” Continue Reading

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What age should my kid be on social media?

in the early part of the article where I talk about “Delaying Social Media” I not only provide some brand new research about the undeniable connection from social media to the rise of depression in America, but I also provide some helpful questions you can ask your kids to engage them in meaningful conversation about this subject. Continue Reading

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Confessions of an Overweight Youth Pastor

“I was 100 pounds overweight,” he admitted. “It was effecting my ministry, my marriage… everything! So I finally decided to do something about it.” Overweight. It’s not a word we use much on Sunday mornings, but it’s all too common. … Continue Reading

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7 Facts Undercover Adults Discovered about Teenagers Today

I love it when research discovers something we’ve been telling parents for years. And for the last few weeks A& E show Undercover High has been revealing an eye-opening peek to many parents about the reality of what’s truly going … Continue Reading

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