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The Top 10 Apps of 2017

No, Snapchat wasn’t actually No. 1 like last year, but Bitmoji was, which is owned by Snap (nice purchase!), slipping Snapchat into No. 2 (I guess consumer missed the memo that Snapchat was having a rough year). And no… Pokemon Go didn’t make the list this year. (Pokemon who?) Continue Reading

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Fires a little too close to home

The fires are bringing about many opportunities for ministry. My daughters’ church is a little outside the fire zone and is currently providing housing for evacuees. Continue Reading

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Imposing our ideas of Jesus

Interesting enough, this tragic attempt at restoration is emblematic of what our world has been doing to Jesus for years—imposing our own convenient ideas and altered perception of Jesus, only to fall exceedingly short of his true identity. Continue Reading

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