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3 Reasons Why Today’s Teens are Depressed More Than Ever Before

I can’t say I disagree. In fact, I see 3 ingredients catalyzing this unprecedented increase in teen anxiety and depression, and all flow from that device young people carry around in their pocket. Continue Reading

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Engaging Young People with Stranger Things

Did you know that we have free discussion starters for EVERY episode of Stranger Things on our Netflix discussions page? (Did you even know we had a free Netflix Discussions page?) Continue Reading

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Media Use by Kids Age Zero to Eight

42% of 0-8-year-olds have their own tablet (compared to 7% in 2013)… and 42% of parents admit that the TV is on “always” or “most of the time” in their home, whether anyone is watching or not. Continue Reading

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Police Detective Interviews Me About Teen’s Most Pressing Risks

It happens all the time. Boy asks girl to send a sexy pic. Girl sends pic. Girl and boy break up. Next thing you know, boy sends pic to the whole school with the caption, “What a whore!” Girl is devastated. Every high school has at least one story like this. Continue Reading

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STDs at an all time high… again

The timing is uncanny. Last Tuesday the CDC announced “the highest number of these sexually transmitted diseases ever reported,” literally 9 days after the Washington Post featured a story reprinted by newspapers globally about how teenagers weren’t drinking or driving or having sex, rather, they were… and I quote… “sticking to G-rated activities such as rock climbing or talking about books.” Continue Reading

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