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New sexually explicit cartoon on Netflix

This YouTube trailer is very sexually explicit and contains foul language… and yeah… it’s available on your kid’s phone. Continue Reading

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Is Snapchat and Snapmaps safe?

Thousands upon thousands of kids have snapped something irresponsibly only to discover later that someone screenshotted it or that some tech nerd actually tapped into the device’s cache to access the pics. That’s probably why the FTC actually charged Snapchat for deceiving its users. Bottom line: the pics you Snap aren’t quite as temporary as kids presume. Continue Reading

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Coming to a city near you

THIS WEEKEND- Sept 23, 24, New Hope Assembly Church, Rogers, AR
Parenting workshop, preaching in morning services
Continue Reading

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The words I’ve been waiting for…

“McKee’s best yet. This book will most definitely be the new ‘phone contract’ today’s parents use to engage their kids in meaningful conversation about their use of technology. Required reading for any teenager.” Continue Reading

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Stalking Your Daughter

I was able to pinpoint this spot on a map—a place she returned to multiple times. That’s why I urge teenagers to think twice before posting artsy pics of their favorite mug at the Starbucks near their house before walking to their car alone at night. Continue Reading

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Is Abstinence-Only Education Really Ineffective?

So let me ask a simple question: How many sex educators and condom advocators are letting kids know this? Continue Reading

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