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face to face and hashtag evangelism

Greg and his team are leveraging 25 years of executing high-production, high-intensity conferences to pull of this live simulcast event to be held September 23rd in 50+ cities across the nation. Continue Reading

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A remarkable man

Soon I discovered he was an elder in the Ali’i of Hana. One of the great chiefs, and by far one of the most respected men in the region. Most of the young men attending the wedding had grown up under his tutelage at some time in their childhood. He was honored greatly among his people. Continue Reading

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Porn in plain sight

One of the first online articles I saw was titled, “My Hookup With a Pop Star.” Apparently every Wednesday Cosmo posts an excerpt from what they call an “exceptional Wettpad fictional story.” What I didn’t realize is that I would be reading porn. And no, I’m not just using that word to describe something a little bit sensual, I really mean it in the true sense of the word. The story described the play by play of a sexual encounter in explicit detail. Continue Reading

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The rise of the non-believing Millennial

Sure, some might find comfort in the fact that only 3% of the population is an actual “atheist”. But when you add in 4% of agnostics and almost 16% of “nones,” that number creeps up to almost 23%. Continue Reading

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