Motivating Young People to Get Involved

WHY do young people get involved?

HOW do you get them involved?

What should we NOT do, when trying to get young people involved?

In this short and highly informative YouTube video from last year’s The Summit conference (from Youth Cartel),’s Marah Lidey gives us examples of how they have engaged literally hundreds of thousands of young people to get involved in social change.

Great information. I love their use of text messaging and her “out of the box” thinking to get young people involved.

This is one thing I like about the Youth Cartel and what they do with THE SUMMIT each year. They really bring quality speakers who are actually doing something (no pun intended) in their area of expertise.

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One Response to Motivating Young People to Get Involved

  1. Matt says:

    Very nice video. The message inspired me to think how to better reach the children where we live.

    Interesting the comments that most kids just want to blend in. Excellence is looked down upon. Success, whether financial, relational, etc.. is almost feared because of the media messaging. How can we use social change to activate the youth to re-message what the youth are hearing?

    150 years ago the youth were trained up in reading and discussing the bible and the principles within it. Interestingly, the youth were also primarily educated in the constitution, civic responsibility, how the government works, how communities/families work well together.

    I really learned a lot from this video and love their mission. In addition to what they are doing, we need to help change the progressive messaging that “to stand out” is bad. How can we draw the younger generations into the conversation that to have successful organizations that can help animal welfare, hunger, homelessness, etc.. requires money and leadership.

    In addition to connecting the youth in the fight for these causes, is to repackage a message that we need young entrepreneurs that make money (and it’s ok to do that when you have the right foundation using money as a tool for good) and understand true leadership.

    Anyway, great video and opens up a big can of worms for further discussion.