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I don’t know about you… but I love me some David Crowder. If I’m having a conversation about Christian worship, then you are going to hear me say the words “David Crowder.”

That’s why I was so truly psyched to hear that the David Crowder Band will be releasing their final Greatest Hits record, ‘The Essential Collection’ next week (May 21). It will include 10 of the bands biggest hits, 3 all-new remixes, and a brand new song by just Crowder himself. Check out the iTunes preview HERE.

Celebrating this release, I’m going to give away 5 CDs… one each to five of my blog readers. Simply use my comment feature stating where you live and your favorite Crowder song by far.

How’s that for simple?

I’ll randomly draw five winners and post them right here next week.

Wow… so many entries. I’m glad this is random. Tonight, in the LA airport after a long flight I scrolled the the names and dropped my curser 5 times. Here are the 5 winners. I’ll email you and we’ll send you the CD. The rest… pick it up on iTunes. It’s gonna be awesome! Thanks for participating!

Josh Yates
Jake from Morris
Allen Moody
Joni from San Jose
Andrew from Marion

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117 Responses to Win a Free Crowder CD

  1. Marc says:

    Fort Wayne, IN! My favorite crowder song has to be Here Is Our King

  2. David Cole says:

    I probably don’t qualify but just in case 🙂

    I am a youth worker in Cologne, Germany and my favourite David Crowder song is “We Win!”

  3. Adam says:

    Athens, GA. My all time favorite Crowder song is Open Skies!

  4. brent says:

    I am in Palm Coast, FL and my favorite D.C. has to be “How He Loves”.

  5. Jim Clark says:

    I am in Zanesville, Ohio and I have been a Crowder fan since they were the UBC Worship Band… Favorite song: All Creatures of Our God and King

  6. Aaron Holman says:

    My name is Aaron, I live in Sneads Ferry, NC. We have a total of two traffic lights in our town and I am the only youth pastor. My favorite Crowder song is Surely We Can Change

  7. Chris says:

    St. Louis, MO

    “You’re Everything” is perfect to me because all of the questions we ask as doubters in the first verse are answered emphatically in the second verse. Simply beautiful.

  8. Chris Reardon says:

    I live in Sumter, SC and my favorite song has to be from their first album “Thank You For Hearing Me”. A Sinead O’ Connor song of all things. 😉

  9. Matt says:

    I live in Fort Worth, Texas and my favorite song is “Come Thou Fount”.

  10. Christopher Gourley says:

    I’m in Newport News, VA and hands down, my favorite DCB song is their cover of “I Saw the Light”

  11. Jim says:

    Make A Joyful Noise!

  12. Dustin Thompson says:

    I live in Bethlehem, PA and my favorite song is “The Glory of it All.” I love the deep theology in this song and usually sing loud when this song comes on.

  13. Joe says:

    Minneapolis, and currently “How He Loves” is at the top of my Crowder list.

  14. Scott Ginchereau says:

    Orlando, FL …. Undignified!!!!

  15. Josh Yates says:

    I’m in Orion, MI.

    I think Crowder’s best song has been “O Praise Him.” Heard him do it before it was released at a NYWC years ago. Really struck a chord in my heart…

  16. DeLand, FL. Favorite Crowder song would be “How He Loves Us”

  17. Jessica Brogdon says:

    I’m in Little Rock and my favorite is “After All.”

  18. nathean says:

    I’m located in Silver Spring, MD and my favorite Crowder song has to be “How He Loves” – what a classic song. takes me straight to the throne room of heaven!

  19. Todd says:

    Melcroft, PA and probably my favorite song is ‘Fall on you knees’

  20. Darren says:

    Roanoke, VA And O Praise Him!

  21. Coulter Page says:

    I’m from the small town of Charles City, IA.

    My favorite Crowder song has got to be “Foreverandever Etc…” To think that we are His foreverandever and ever and ever…. Plus, how can a youth pastor not love the music video?

  22. I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. My favorite Crowder song by FAR is the classic “O Praise Him (All this for a king).”

  23. Chris says:

    Dover, DE, favorite Crowder song is “All Around Me”

  24. Wow, one of the hardest things to do is to pick a favorite of favorites when there are so many awesome songs by DCB! My top favorite would have to be ‘Glory of it all’ and runners up would be Holy (after all) and Forever (and ever, and ever etc lol). Name is Nathan VanProoyen and I am a youth pastor in Tyrone, PA!

  25. Jeremy says:

    I’m Jeremy, a youth pastor for 11 years in El Paso, TX and my favorite Crowder song is Shadows.

  26. Sean Iddings says:

    I am from Kalispell, Montana and my favorite David Crowder song is, How He Loves.

  27. Brian says:

    I am a pastor in Hillsboro, IL. One of my favorite Crowder songs is “How He loves us”

  28. Michelle Harrington says:

    Benton City, WA! Fave song is Holy!

  29. Jake says:

    Morris, IL So hard to pick a favorite…I will go with Remedy. Have a great day !

  30. Sean says:

    I live in Edmond, Oklahoma. My favorite Crowder song is “I Saw the Light”. I just love the banjo sound!

  31. Bob McMichael says:

    Lancaster, PA! Favorite song is O Praise Him!

  32. Josh Nelson says:

    Manhattan, KS – favorite is Come & Listen

  33. Johnny says:

    Johnny Brower, from Mansfield, TX!

    My favorite Crowder Band song is “The Heights/Cry Mercy.”

    Back in the day, they would play those two songs as one. Plus, Robbie Seay singing background vocals?? Come on!

  34. Brad Muller says:

    I live in Ste. Rose du Lac, Manitoba.

    My favorite David Crowder song has got to be Surely We Can Change.

  35. Jay says:

    Greensboro, Ga. Love all his stuff but his cover of “I Saw The Light” is my favorite .

  36. Melody says:

    St. Joseph, MO. O the joy of singing Open Skies while driving a gravel road through fields of corn on a hot summer day! EVERYTHING breathing praising God!

  37. Harmony West says:

    Harmony West- youth leader living in Lake City, Arkansas. There are too many songs that I love of David Crowder. One of my favorites is Oh Happiness.

  38. Aaron says:

    Favorite David Crowder Song… O praise him – no wait Oh how he loves…. no Shadows…. no that interview where he talks about a church member mistaking him as a homeless man… great now I will spend the rest of the day listening to David Crowder songs trying to figure out which one I like the best!

    Before I spend my afternoon doing that, If I have to state one above the rest its Shadows

    and I’m in Jasper, IN

  39. Jesse M says:

    Racine, OH —- “How He Loves”

  40. Chris says:

    Moore Oklahoma!

    And “Let Me Feel You Shine” rocks my socks off

  41. Tim Gray says:

    Youth Pastor at Community Christian Church in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. DCB is my favorite worship band by far. Favorite album is Remedy. Favorite song is Everything Glorious.

  42. Scott Murray says:

    Hope this is one of the “Open to Canadians” contests 😀

    Ingersoll, ON Youth Pastor

    Fav. Crowder: Wholly Yours


  43. Grant says:

    Im in Natchez, MS And my FAVORITE DCB song HAS to be Can I Lie Here from Church Music. Cant wait to see what Crowder does when he goes solo.

  44. Ben says:

    Winter Park FL!

    My fav Crowder jam is still “You Are My Joy” So awesome!

  45. Allen Moody says:

    Folsom, CA. Open Skies

  46. Jason Matthews says:

    Lynden, WA. “Stars.” Especially the remixed version on the Sunsets & Sushi album.

  47. Ali Wulf says:

    I’m in Newnan, GA. My favorite is “How He Loves”!

  48. Jennifer Teeler says:

    I live in Renton, WA and my favorite Crowder song depends on my mood. Contemplative: How He Loves, Joyful: Undignified

  49. Julie says:

    Wyandotte, MI . Favorite Crowder: Oh How He Loves Me

  50. Danny Bowers says:

    Orange County, California and Deliver Me is my Favorite Crowder Song

  51. Benjamin Spears says:

    I’m in Ottawa, Ontario CANADA!
    I really dig the song DCB did on their last Passion album, ‘All This Glory’. Oh, and pretty much every song on ‘Church Music’ with the exception of the title track.

  52. Marc McLean says:

    I am in Cave Creek, AZ and my favorite is Oh Happiness! Such a great song and my 16 year old daughter dislikes it, so what is a dad to do? Blast It as often as I can!

  53. Josh Westhouse says:

    Grand Rapids, MI and My Hope is awesome!

  54. Paul Morrison says:

    I’m in Llano TX and my favorite song is “SMS (shine)”

  55. Josh says:

    Josh in Phoenix, AZ – *Shadows*

  56. Tina says:

    I’m from Indianapolis, IN and I love “Oh Praise Him”–Our music director at my last church debuted it during Christmas, in a great way, and it just has stayed with me. But I love all DCB! 🙂

  57. Jonathan D says:

    Clinton, North Carolina
    “Our Happy Home”

  58. Hector Meza says:

    Queens, NY. “Stars” and well it’s not his song but his rendition of “Obsession” is pretty amazing.

  59. Mike says:

    Anchorage, AK is where I’m from and “O Praise Him” is my favorite Crowder song.

  60. Damian Peasley says:

    Madrid, IA is my locale. “How He Loves” is my favorite Crowder

  61. Gregg A says:

    Bel Air, MD. “Rescue” is my favorite.

  62. Lauren says:

    The veil is such a fun song, but if we’re going for all around I’m going to go with “I need words” has echoed my heart many a time.
    I live in Telford, PA

  63. Jullie Meyer says:

    I am in Murfreesboro, TN and my favorite song is “How He Loves”.

  64. Steve Brooks says:

    Live in Woodstock, Ga!! Love: “All this for a King” 🙂 Sweet Nectar Baby!!!!

  65. Matt says:

    I’m from Newport News Va and my favorite Crowder song is “You Alone”

  66. Shea says:

    It’s a tie between How He Loves and I Saw the Light. I live in Burlington, NC.

  67. Todd says:

    Port St Lucie, Florida and “God Have Mercy” has my vote for best song.

  68. Matt Snyder says:

    Cheyenne, Wyoming

    Favorite song = O Praise Him!

  69. David says:

    Cokato, MN. “How He Loves”

  70. Stephen says:

    How he loves – I live in New Brunswick Canada

  71. Micheal Simpson says:


    “How He Loves Us”!

  72. Cam McLaughlin says:

    I’m from Black Mountain, North Carolina. I gotta say that my favorite David Crowder song is “Like a Lion”.

  73. Brandy says:

    Big town of Ravenna, NE….. lots of faves, but one we <3 to sing… No One Like You!

  74. Jake Manne says:

    Delafield, WI; Stars

  75. Joni says:

    I’m Joni, from San Jose, CA.

    “And the certain sign of grace is this: from a broken earth flowers come up pushing through the dirt.” — I love the song “Wholly Yours”: the dive into our own depravity and then rising to the heights of praise for Jesus’ salvation 🙂

    I love that everyone has different favorite songs!!

  76. Sid Ware says:

    Live in Moriarty, NM and How He Loves is my favorite song by far… actually its not by far, it is by David Crowder but I really like the song… he he

  77. Andy says:

    Favorite DC song is “After All (Holy)” and I live in Erwin, TN

  78. Hailing from Buxton, ND… my favorite song is “You’re Everything”

  79. Jimmy Ragsdale says:

    I’m from Edmonton Alberta Canad
    I have two favorite Crowder’s songs and they are WhollyYours and How he loves

  80. Craig says:

    Ashburn, VA — No One Like You — psyched for this album release!

  81. Chico V says:

    I live Wytheville, VA and my absolute favorite Crowder song is “Everything Glorious”

  82. Jim says:

    Shirleysburg, Pennsylvania – No One Like You

  83. Tom Hill says:

    Tom Hill from Olympia, WA loves to share with the Jr Hi students the song “O How He loves me”

  84. Cecelia Thomas says:

    I’m from Marianna, AR and I love all things David Crowder Band but lately I can’t stop singing “How He Loves”! So today that is my favorite.

  85. Diane Crane says:

    Indianapolis, IN

    “How He Loves” is my favorite!

  86. Brian Schouten says:

    I am a youth worker at a church in Clinton, Ontario, Canada

    Favourite Crowder song right now is “God Have Mercy” but there are so many others that I love as well.

  87. Andrew says:

    Marion, IL and while I know it’s not originally his, the Crowder version of Like a Lion is by far my favorite.

  88. Brandi says:

    Pennington Gap, VA (aka Po-Dunkville)
    Favorite song: Jesus, Lead Me To Your Healing Waters

  89. Ben Snyder says:

    Aberdeen, SD – Only You

  90. J.D. says:

    Owensboro, KY
    Favorite Song – “O, For a Thousand Tongues to Sing”

  91. Chris Soltis says:

    Oak Harbor, OH! Favorite song – I saw the Light!

  92. Scott Ritter says:

    I live in Brentwood, Ca and I love the Crowder song “O Praise Him”


  93. Ben Palm says:

    I’m in San Jose, CA.

    My favorite Crowder song is I Need Words, though there are many that have impacted me during different times of growth in my walk. I treasure the Pour Over Me album that I bought WAY back in the day – some of Crowder’s best unknown works!

  94. Matt Kaiser says:

    Spokane, WA

    My favorite Crowder song is “Only You”. It turned into an anthem song for a Youth Camp we held a couple of summers ago. The song was so powerful and personally ministered to me. Whenever I hear the song, it takes me back to those amazing worship times we had as a group….going to miss the band!

  95. Chris McCooeye says:

    I’m from Chambly, Quebec, Canada. The best one has to be All This For a King. Classic

  96. Nicole Nyborg says:

    From Citrus Height, CA

    Toss up between How He Loves Us and Everything Glorious.

  97. Lynda says:

    Dayton, Ohio


  98. Steven Bales says:

    My Favorite DCB song, wow that is tough since they are all AWESOME but if i have to choose just one it would be “Everything Glorious.” Just reminds me of God’s artistic side and how He made the mountains, trees, the sunrise and sunset!

  99. Aaron says:

    I live in the little town of Warren PA.

    Favorite Crowder song so far? How do you narrow it down to one song….or one album even. Sheesh. This isn’t easy at all.

    Maybe….Surely We can Change off Remedy
    I need Words off Can You Hear Us?

  100. Rick Nier says:

    Winona Lake, IN

    I Need Words

  101. Brian Friedl says:

    Humboldt, IA….My favorite is How he loves

  102. Mike says:

    Fishkill, NY
    I CAN ONLY PICK ONE! There’s so many good ones to choose from. It really depends on what kind of mood I’m in. Right now I’m going to go slightly old school and say “Open Skies”.

  103. James Hauptman says:

    Wow, how cool would it be to listen to Crowder on CD instead of tape (the only Crowder I have)!

  104. Jonathan Stricker says:

    Queens, NY. My favorite is “How He Loves”

  105. Ethan Bell says:

    Houston, Texas – Everything Glorius

  106. Toni Madden says:

    I live in Ona WV and my favorite Crowder song is O Praise Him!

  107. Tori Ambrose says:

    Huntington Beach, CA – I love “O Praise Him”

  108. Woodbine, GA
    – Oh How He Loves Us! That is a great song!

  109. Stephanie Karolus says:

    I have a few that our my favorites. Of the Slower Songs I’d have to say : “How He Loves” and then For the Faster Songs, “Oh Praise Him.” Think I heard that song for the first time on the Dance Praise (Christian DDR) Game.

  110. Jason Bordeaux says:

    Princeton, North Carolina. My favorite DCB song is “Deliver Me”.

  111. Michael says:

    Moravia, IA. Favoite song: Here Is Our King

  112. Michael says:

    Moravia, IA. Righ now my favorite song is Here is Our King

  113. Brent Weldon says:

    Clute, TX (south of Houston))
    O Praise Him

  114. Justin Pack says:

    I am in Minerva, OH at Minerva First Christian Church. I would have to say Shadows is my favorite DCB song mainly because our congregation has been going through some times of shadow recently and this song helps me to stay focused and remember that we should not fear.

  115. Chris says:

    I’m from KY but currently living outside Boston, so I’ll have to go with the foot stomping Crowder Band version of I saw the light! Always reminds me of my bluegrass roots.

  116. Rachel Blom says:

    I’m from Munich Germany and to be honest I don’t have a favorite Crowder song since I’ve never listened to their music. That’s why I’d love to win, to get to know them 🙂