19-Year-Old Mentality

Posted on: 07/2/12 5:56 PM | by Jonathan McKee

My 19-year-old Alec and his friend Austin came home the other day sick and both holding their stomachs.

“What happened?” I asked.

Alec and Austin both managed a smile. “We tried blending a Happy Meal and drinking it… just for the heck of it!”

Ya gotta love teenage boys. They didn’t need a reason; they just thought it sounded fun. Alec had seen the game done at youth group, it’s a game idea on our web site called “The Happy Shake.” Kids always seem pretty confident Continue reading “19-Year-Old Mentality” »

A Painfully Empty House

Posted on: 07/1/12 9:52 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Wednesday I dropped off Lori, Alyssa and Ashley at the San Francisco airport with my parents where the 5 of them boarded a big bird headed to Europe where they will spend two weeks hitting Italy, France, Switzerland and Germany.

I’m torn.

Part of me is thrilled that they get to do this trip. It started when Ashley did a report for school, years ago, about Florence, Italy and some of its architecture. My dad told her that they would take her there some day. Last year, they booked it, and Alyssa and Lori wanted in! I had enough airline miles to send all three of them with my parents, so Alec and I decided to stay home.

I know Lori and the girls will have a blast touring Europe with my parents… but the house is so quiet! Alec works and hangs out with his friends a lot, so many days it’s been just me. Continue reading “A Painfully Empty House” »