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Posted on: 04/8/12 10:03 AM | by Jonathan McKee

I was looking over some of the entries for the Bad Evangelism Contest so far. Funny stuff (Here’s one… and another). I think some youth ministries are really having fun with it. I know many groups are going to try to put together a 1 minute video this week and hit that 4/13 deadline. (So worth it, YS is really kicking in with the prizes for this one!)

I stumbled across this old “bad evangelism” video that me and my brother made. Funny stuff (wouldn’t qualify for the contest though, it’s over a minute). Check out my son Alec. So dang cute! (Now he’s 18… if that dates this video for ya!)

Ha! I love the random hair thing I did for this video!

This is the last week to turn in your video to YS. Winner gets my new Real Conversations DVD training, up to 50 Participant’s Guides, and one of each of my YS books in print. And don’t forget the extra little prize I threw in the mix for each and every one of you who just turns in a video.

That’s a pretty good collection of loot! Happy filming! (Contest Details here)

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  1. So here is one for the books! We had planned to shoot our Bad Evangelism video this past Saturday, but it turned into a service project instead! (Man, you gotta love when that happens!) We had a couple youth ready to go, then a lady asked if we could help out the group decorating the church for Easter, you know, climbing ladders and such. It was such a cool thing to have happen. We are gonna make it happen though, this is such an easy thing to enter and we can totally use the video at youth group.
    Folks, fellow youth workers, DO THIS!

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