Adele Connects

Adele sings… people listen.

It’s always intriguing to see which artists connect with today’s music audiences. Rihanna provided We Found Love, a song and graphic music video that has resonated with young girls especially (I blogged about people’s overreaction to that song a little while ago). Pink consistently relates to a hurting generation with songs and videos like that of the very edgy F**king Perfect. But as sincere as Rihanna, Pink and others might be… another artist has released an album that didn’t rely on gratuitous sexual imagery and didn’t require graphic depictions of drugs and drinking. I’m talking about Adele… and America can’t seem to get enough of her.

Maybe it’s her anguish over breakups that people are relating to, maybe it’s her simple smooth lyrics… or could it be her voice? People love Adele, Adele gets people, and in turn… they buy her songs.

Her song Someone Like You is still in the top 10 on iTunes and the Billboard Hot 100 (where it has stayed for 21 weeks now, peaking at #1). Her album, simply titled 21, has been on Billboards charts for almost a year now, is still in the top 10, peaking at number 1. She just nabbed six Grammy nominations, including album of the year. Bruno Mars, also with six nominations commented, “D**n it, why am I up against Adele?”

Let’s be honest. Adele’s album isn’t really a “pick me up.” It’s the vulnerable cry of someone who dealing with pain and loss. Hmmmmm. I wonder why this is connecting with people so much?

Saturday Night Live did a sketch recently featuring Adele’s hit song, Someone Like You… had me literally rolling on the floor! This funny little sketch makes fun of why this song is actually connecting with people. I’ll embed it (although these videos are sometimes yanked by NBC… so if it get’s removed, just Google “Saturday Night Live Adele Someone Like You Emma Stone” and you’ll find it somewhere. A must see!)

Why do you think Adele connects with this generation so much?

Bruno Mars has the number one hit on iTunes right now, It Will Rain. Why do you think that song is a hit?

Do young people want more to a song than just rhythm and beat?

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