Coming Out of the Bronco Closet

Posted on: 11/3/11 4:17 PM | by Jonathan McKee

I have a confession to make, a truly awkward one for a California resident. I hope this doesn’t upset all my Packer friends in Green Bay and my Steeler friends in Pittsburgh (no one would hesitate to admit that those two fan-bases are a little fanatical…er… loyal to their teams), or even my many close Raiders fans (seeing that the Raiders and the 49ers are the closest teams to my home). But here goes.  Ahem…

“I am a Bronco fan.”

There. I said it.

I won’t pretend to be something I’m not. I can’t tell you many of the players names, I don’t even get to see every game… but I’ve always been a Bronco’s fan.

At 5-years-old I got my first Broncos jacket. I asked my dad to find me a pic of me in my little Broncos jacket and he sent me this:This picture reveals three things:

1. Me and Dad’s rockin’ hair-dews!
2. My love for food even as a child
3. My love for the Broncos (back when Craig Morton was #7. Yeah baby!!!)

This weekend I fly to Colorado, preach the morning services at a church in Colorado Springs, break for the Broncos game, and then do my parenting workshop that night from 6-8. We originally were going to do the workshop in the afternoon but then found out that the Broncos were playing that day. Competing with that would be like doing a workshop during the Canucks game when I’m speaking to my friends North of the border!

I love that the Broncos nabbed Tim Tebow. Regardless of your opinion of his football skills, you probably wouldn’t argue that he is a man of integrity, a true role model for young athlete’s today. Pray that he throws long and straight!

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3 Replies to “Coming Out of the Bronco Closet”

  1. Hey Jonathan, hope you have a great time in Colorado this weekend. I too like Tim Tebow but I had to laugh when I saw this on Twitter on Oct 31.

    “I’m wearing a Tebow jersey & when I answer door I’m going to throw candy over kids heads, at their feet or to the wrong kid.”

  2. Long time Bronco fan as well and hope Tebow comes around. Interesting to watch the talking heads criticize for his faith and see how his faith helps him through the adversity.
    Never even lived in Colorado but have been following them since the 70s and bleeding orange and blue.

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