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Cat Fights

Do you have teenage girls living in your house? Can you say… cat fight? About a year ago my daughters wanted to move into the same room together. They had some friends at church who did it and they actually … Continue reading

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Watching The Help

The last 5 days provided several times to sit down together on the family couch and watch a lil bit of cinematic entertainment. The highlight of the weekend was definitely the film based on the best selling novel, The Help … Continue reading

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30 to 60 Days

This last week has been very difficult. It started when we took our Bernese Mountain dog to the vet for what we thought would be a routine visit. If only. Jethro, our 105 pound Berner, became part of our family … Continue reading

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The Increasingly Difficult Task of “Fleeing” Porn

Porn is becoming virtually inevitable. Unfortunately, so are the consequences of porn-consumption. Doug Fields and I collaborated on four posts about porn last week on his blog (here’s his summary post with links to all). I wanted to take the … Continue reading

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What U.S. Kids Want for Christmas 2011

Those of you who are keeping an eye on our new “Offsite Articles Jonathan is Reading” box on the front page of probably noticed this brand new report from Nielsen revealing what kids desire for Christmas in 2011. Fascinating … Continue reading

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Georgia, Maryland, and Free Training…

My bags are packed and I’m looking forward to hanging out with a bunch of youth workers this weekend in both Atlanta, GA and Ocean City, MD. For those that can’t attend the workshops I’ll be teaching in these cities… … Continue reading

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A Peek into Youth Culture… and a New Free Resource

As I’m putting the finishing touches on several workshops I’m teaching this weekend (in two different cities), I’m starting to notice one common denominator in every session: understanding youth culture. I’m even teaching one workshop titled, Youth Culture Window. Let … Continue reading

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Glee Goes All the Way… Again

This week Doug Fields posted an article of mine on his blog encouraging parents to use the “pause button,” the “fast forward button”… and even the “off button” on their TV remotes as they co-view media with kids. Which button … Continue reading

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Overreacting or Interacting about Rihanna’s #1 Song

It’s almost like Rihanna is in the mind of today’s teenage girl, looking for love in a hopeless place. Maybe that’s why her song, We Found Love, is still the #1 song across all the charts (#1 on Billboard’s Hot … Continue reading

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“Toast” Gets Toasted

A creative idea is added to our youth ministry web site… and criticism is quick to follow. Why is it that comment sections breed pessimism and ignorance?  (Yeah… I’m definitely going to rant about this one.) Here’s the situation. A … Continue reading

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