Top Ten 70’s Slang Words That We Need to Bring Back!

The other day after making record time on one of my road bike rides, I let out a celebratory, “Shazaam!”

People stared. (Those jive turkeys!)

Come on! Am I alone, or do we need to bring some of that smooth 70’s slang back. After all, last month I already suggested a list of current words/phrases that we should not use anymore! Perhaps we should fill that gap with 70’s terms. (Note my random picture of Abba! Are you feeling it?)

Maybe I’m just being nostalgic. I was born in 1970, so some would argue that I’m more privy to 80’s terms. But come on! Who wants to say “Grody to the max!” Or “Gag me!” The 80’s will always be a decade of really good music, but really bad slang and clothing. (White Crocket and Tubbs jacket with scrunched up sleeves, anyone?) If you want really good slang and music (I can’t really vouch for the clothing—I don’t want my brother to post a picture of me wearing a green leisure suit!) then 70’s is the place to look. Can you dig it?


Creep—The noun, not the verb. As in, “Hey you creep, get away from my Trans Am!”

Out of sight—if something is better than good, but not quite dy-no-mite, it might just be “out of sight!.” “Those new threads are out of site!”

Heavy—When something is so powerful or amazing that you just need to contemplate it for a moment, it’s “Heavy man!”

Sit on it—a great insult when someone is messing with you. “Sit on it, creep!”

Shucks—a term that any spaas might use when something goes wrong! “Awe shucks. Where is my Shaun Cassidy album?”

Crib—This term is deserving of a special nod because of its longevity. Even MTV (the creator and sustainer of pop-culture) had the show MTV Cribs running some 40-plus years after the term’s introduction to mainstream popularity!

Far out—much like it’s cousin, “heavy,” “far out “is a term that people say when something is really amazing. But “far out” implies more good. Basically, replace “cool” with “far out” and you’ll be fine.

Right on—we need more term like this to express agreement. “Right on, man!”

Bananas—if something is bewildering or perplexing, it’s bananas. In the same way, if someone is acting a little odd, they might be bananas. “Woah man, that jive turkey was acting bananas! Let’s book!”

Split—speaking of speedy exits, you gotta love the term “split.” “Hey man, mellow out or I’m going to split!”


Let’s blow this joint—yeah, junior high kids would just start laughing and nudging each other if you said this.

Ding Dong—maybe this word was just used in Christian circles by people who didn’t want to cuss. But this insult probably won’t carry any weight today, any more than other Hostess products (All though many rappers have been having some luck with the Ho-Ho)

Boob Tube—this term might just be more accurate now than in the 70’s.

Give me some skin—nope… just too weird now.

If you were alive during the 70’s, feel free to chime in with your favorites! (Sorry Gen Y, you cats just don’t know the difference between 70’s and 80’s.)

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7 Responses to Top Ten 70’s Slang Words That We Need to Bring Back!

  1. Scott says:

    Up your nose with a rubber hose.

  2. Paul Loeffler says:

    As another child of 1970, I agree that those terms are great. However, I still maintain that 80’s clothing styles are rad (even if I don’t look good in them anymore).

  3. Carrie says:

    I tell my brother to “sit on it” all the time! And when I really want to insult him, I say “Sit on it, Potsie!” I agree we need to bring these back…their classic.

  4. j deisel says:

    they need back “can you dig it?” you dig?

  5. Juliette says:

    I believe “Groovy” should be another one to bring back.

  6. ginger says:

    Dang That