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Four Inescapable Realities about Youth Culture

Yesterday I quickly chimed in with my late night thoughts after watching MTV’s 2011 VMAs and the new show that premiered after. (Wow! And I thought Jersey Shore was racy.) Today I wanted to give you even more about what … Continue reading

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MTV Sinks New Lows

I just finished watching the MTV Video Music Awards (the VMAs) and collaborating with my buddy David about our annual Youth Culture Window article (now posted) we’re co-writing about the show. (Funny side note: I emailed him my portion of … Continue reading

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Shooting “Real Conversations”

Wednesday I flew to Grand Rapids to film my new DVD sharing-your-faith curriculum with Zondervan, the one that I’ve been telling you about now titled, “Real Conversations.” We shot all day yesterday and all day today… just finished. I’m wiped … Continue reading

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Top Ten 70’s Slang Words That We Need to Bring Back!

The other day after making record time on one of my road bike rides, I let out a celebratory, “Shazaam!” People stared. (Those jive turkeys!) Come on! Am I alone, or do we need to bring some of that smooth … Continue reading

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They Don’t Know or Don’t Want to Know

After dropping Alec off at college, Lori and I rolled into a hotel late Saturday night exhausted. We turned on the TV to see what was on and landed on MTV’s Jersey Shore. Wow! It’s hard to believe that this … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye

The day is finally here… in one hour, we leave to take my son Alec over 300 miles away to begin his freshman year in college. Alec is my oldest and this will be our first experience with one of … Continue reading

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Okay, I’m a big proponent of anything that helps adults initiate discussions with kids. I’m an even bigger fan of something that is mobile. Let me introduce you to “Clips.” Sure, I usually plug stuff to you that’s free. But … Continue reading

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Pre-Blessed Food

It’s funny how this generation of young people actually will just sit around and watch You-Tube videos. My daughters will frequently just hang around the computer with their friends saying, “Oh wait, have you seen this one!” And then they … Continue reading

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First Person Shooter Video Games

Should parents oppose or embrace video games? In a world where over 90% of young people “game” in one way or another (with 91% of tween boys and 93% of tween girls playing games online), how can parents keep up … Continue reading

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iTunes Reading

It’s funny how many requests I received in the last year for my books in e-format. More and more people are reading ebooks on their iPads, nooks, kindle, etc. (My mom and dad just bought a nook for their trip … Continue reading

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