Our 2 Cents on Thor and More…

This summer’s movie lineup is packed with films that will be drawing our teenagers to the theatre, and believe it or not… a lot of them look pretty clean.

David wrote an entire Youth Culture Window article (on the front page of our site now) giving you a glimpse of many of the May and June releases like Thor, Pirates3, Kung Fu Panda 2, Hangover 2, etc. (as you can see, some good, some bad). Part II of the article will be posted next week.

Todd and I already posted our “2 Cents” of the first film on the list, in our review of Thor, on our MOVIE REVIEWS & QUICK Q’s page right now. Here’s a snippet:

TODD’S WORD: I know it’s only May, but with the release of Thor, the summer movie season has officially begun, and once again it’s a Super Hero movie that is taking control of the box office.

JONATHAN’S WORD: Yeah, not a bad start. Thor was fun. It wasn’t anything I’d rush out to the theatre to see… but it was fun.

TODD’S WORD: Since 2000 Marvel Studios has released 24 films and two more coming out this summer (X-men: First Class and Captain America). No one can argue that they have had a few duds (Ghost Rider, Dare Devil and Elektra), but for the most part they have given us one huge summer blockbuster after another (Ironman, X-men, Spiderman and the Fantastic Four). No doubt about it, comic book heroes are box office gold, especially when you include DC Studios (Batman and Superman).

JONATHAN’S WORD: It’s an interesting genre. They’ve had some really great ones (The Spiderman films, the Ironman films), and, yes, a few duds. For me, Thor was a lot more like Fantastic Four. Just okay. I felt like it could have been so much more. It was hit and miss for me.

TODD’S WORD: Well, let’s break it down…

Click here for the rest of that review and its QUICK Q’s.

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