Wow! That’s a lot of mistakes!

Okay… my poor web guy had a bad day yesterday. I’ll keep it simple– a bunch of stuff broke, and he worked a 20-hour day trying to fix everything.

That being said… our annual Super Bowl Quiz that we sent out to our EZINE subscribers this morning was ROYALLY MESSED UP!!! (to put it nicely)

No worries. We’ve got it all corrected and sent out a new “Big Game Quiz” to all our EZINE subscribers (you can sign up to subscribe to our free EZINE at the top right of So if you’re looking for a CORRECT copy of the quiz, CLICK HERE. (where I also detail exactly how we dealt with my web guy!)

NEW NOTE: Another mistake on the answer for number 37. The answer is actually C. The Steelers have only won 6 Super Bowls. (Now I’ll have to have Todd tortured as well)

Also, if you missed my blog yesterday, be sure to tune into the Law Abiding Texan informing us on what we can and cannot do this year at our “Big Game” party (that’s right, we can’t even call it a Super Bowl Party). CLICK HERE for that blog.

Enjoy the game! (I’m gonna enjoy half of it!)

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6 Responses to Wow! That’s a lot of mistakes!

  1. Roger Brown says:

    As I was going through the corrected quiz I came across question 37. It asks how many super bowls have the Steelers won and on the answer sheet it lists 7. The Steelers have been in 7 super bowls but have only won 6 of those games. They lost to the Cowboys in Super Bowl XXX.

  2. Roger… yeah… I’ve had three emails about that now. My Steelers guy had delusions about his team there. The correct answer is C on number 37.


  3. Roger Brown says:

    My hope is that the wins stay at 6 and that the Packers wins go up by one…my wife on the other hand is a big Steelers fan and I have to tread lightly these days. 🙂

  4. Greg says:

    If this is filled out after the game…#37 will be correct…GO STEELERS!

    As of now…they have won 6…making the answer to #37 – “C”

    Thanks for your gift of prophesy : )

    Discovery Christian Church has a campus in Pittsburgh, PA and one campus in the suburbs of pittsburgh!

    Thanks for the quiz…very helpful to get kids talking and fun to do!


  5. That’s awesome Greg. That’s a good way of looking at it!

  6. Beef Branard says:

    Being the ADD, crazy youth pastor that I am, I got too caught up in hanging out and I forgot to track the answers to the “future” questions (i.e. – first soda commercial, coin toss, etc.). Does anybody have all the answers?

    Thanks – Beef