Letters to God

It’s time for a giveaway… twofold. A free curriculum for everyone, and some DVDs for those who are quick to respond.

I’ve got 5 DVDs of the new family film from some of the same guys that did Fireproof and Facing the Giants. The film is called Letters to God and is available on DVD today. It’s the heartfelt and inspiring story of what happens when one boy’s journey touches the lives of his family, friends and community.

This family film received the highest Dove Approval Rating and an endorsement from the Parents Television Council.

We have a free discussion curriculum you can use for this film on our MOVIE CLIP DISCUSSIONS page, including small group questions, scripture and a wrap up. Give that a peek here.

As for the DVDs? I’ll give them away to the first 5 people who use my blog comment feature to do one simple thing: Tell me which of our free MOVIE CLIP DISCUSSIONS is your favorite.

That’s it.

I’ll contact the first 5 to do so and get their mailing info.

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10 Responses to Letters to God

  1. Scott Warren says:

    I really enjoy the Jerry Maguire movie clip discussion. I believe it is a good example of someone who gives up everything to follow what they believe.



  2. Jenn says:

    My favorite is: Christmas: Elf – Spotting the Imposter. I think it’s so great. Just in general, we talk about being able to spot the counterfeit by knowing the genuine in any are of our walk with Jesus and discerning lies from culture or whatever. This one works so great for that even when it’s not Christmas time.

  3. Chelsea says:

    It is totally the Elf imposter one! The only downside is that the teens love the movie so much, they want to watch the whole thing! =)

  4. Roger says:

    Amistad, One of my favorite clips!

  5. David Wanat says:

    I like the Lord or the Rings one on Character.

  6. Jake Krahn says:

    I liked the Miracle movie clip discussion

  7. Micah says:

    Random suggestion/observation – I’ve noticed that whenever you post something with a giveaway it seems that all you get is the maximum number of giveaways posted…you might get more opinions or whatever if you maybe said that the final giveaway is the post that is a random number you’ve chosen say between 1-20 or something like that. Just a thought, cuz I like reading what everyone has to say and that might encourage more people to open up 🙂 Love the work you guys do, thanks for the awesome helps!


  8. Micah. Good thought.


  9. The Blind side says:

    I loved the movie the blind side and sharing it with my young people with a discussion on repentance was great.
    Thank you for all the time you put into making youth ministry a blast to be a part of. It’s incredible to see lessons based on culture instead of the same old boring junk you usually find.
    This was my first time to your site, but it definitely won’t be the last. God Bless you and your ministry!!

  10. Thanks to all who commented. Feel free to keep posting your favorite clips… mine is the BATMAN BEGINS discussion on character. Great movie, great passage… great discussion!

    Scott Warren
    David Wanat