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That’s Some Wig!

Even if you don’t know his name, you might have seen his hair. His name is Troy Polamalu and his long dark locks are often seen cascading from the back of his Pittsburgh Steelers helmet. No, it’s not a wig. … Continue reading

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Christian Viral Videos

I’ve seen my share of funny viral videos. Christians even have our own special collection of favorites. (Those old  dubbed Jesus videos, Jesus is my Friend by Sonseed…) Mike, over at sent me a link to a recent article he posted … Continue reading

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On the Front Lines With Teenagers

In my CONNECT workshop, I always teach a section called “Connecting on the Front Lines.” This is where the rubber meets the road– when we step out of our comfort zone to try to meet some kids on their turf… and we … Continue reading

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“Wannabe Cool’ Christianity

The Wall Street Journal posted an article recently talking about “Hipster” Christianity, an article that, in all honesty, was a little critical of churches today that are trying too hard to be “cool.” But I love the author’s conclusion. Here’s just a … Continue reading

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Katy’s the Top Pick

Katy Perry is going to be the top pick in most teenagers’ iPods this week with the Tuesday release of her new “explicit” album Teenage Dream. That’s why we released a Youth Culture Window article yesterday, not only giving you … Continue reading

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My Girls and Kool Aid

It’s the last week of summer break for my three kids, and yesterday my two girls got creative with a camera. I’m not sure the point, if any… but it sure looks like they were having fun. First they designed … Continue reading

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Complaining about Reviewing “Kick-Ass”

Yes… I spelled it. You see, yesterday I received an email questioning my motivation for reviewing the film, “Kick Ass.” Here’s just a snippet: I have to question your motivation. Is it possible that your viewing of the film was not … Continue reading

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When Our Kids Don’t Want to Reach Out

Last weekend at my CONNECT workshop in Amarillo, TX, a youth pastor named Chris asked me a great question: What do you do when your Christian kids don’t want to reach out to their friends? (At the end of this blog … Continue reading

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Inside Katy Perry

Katy Perry has been in the limelight quite a bit lately, hosting the Teen Choice Awards on Fox on Monday night, on the current cover of Rolling Stone magazine, breaking records with her summer hit California Gurls, and now watching … Continue reading

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Using Kesha to talk about true love

I don’t know if you’ve noticed… but we’ve been pumping out a ton of free curriculum and discussions on TheSource4YM’s MUSIC DISCUSSIONS page and MOVIE CLIP DISCUSSIONS page this summer. This week we just added a new discussion using Kesha’s song, Your Love … Continue reading

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