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Games and the Consequences We Never Predicted

Do you remember “Hold your wee for a Wii?” In January of 2007, a Sacramento radio station had a contest where several contestants drank as much water as they could without going to the bathroom. The winner would get a … Continue reading

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Heroes Also Goes Bi-curious

Same sex experimentation is ‘in.’ Last Monday, NBC’s Heroes jumped in the same bandwagon as… well… everyone else with a “same-sex” kiss between Claire and her college room-mate. Secular media critics seem to agree that it’s a slumpbusting publicity stunt. Media producers … Continue reading

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Chris Brown + Lil Wayne = Same ol’ Trash

Chris Brown is back, and he’s not alone. I guess Chris’ mom never warned him to be careful who he hangs out with, because after a long period of silence since pleading guilty to assaulting Rihanna, Chris has now joined … Continue reading

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Taylor Swift Hype

She’s country, but she gets mainstream airplay, she’s clean (wow!)… and four of her concerts just sold out in two minutes! 19-year-old country singer Taylor Swift has only become more popular in recent months, with songs continually in the top 10 of … Continue reading

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Lil Wayne Pleads Guilty… but Doesn’t Feel Guilty

It’s so hilarious to me, it’s hard for me to even report. Here it is, in a nutshell: Lil Wayne gets pulled over AGAIN because the police smelled Marijuana emanating from his tour bus (not the first time this has … Continue reading

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Does Media Violence Affect Kids? AAP Report Too Late for This Student

AAP‘s “Media Violence” report was released Monday, a report that claims that the truth of the effect of media on our kids is falling on deaf ears. Two days later, a CSUS student beats his roommate to death with a … Continue reading

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Owl City at #1

“Who the heck is Owl City?” That’s what I wondered when I saw them in the Top 10 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and at #4 on iTunes early this week. Imagine my surprise yesterday when I opened up iTunes and saw their … Continue reading

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Miley in ‘Sex and the City: The Movie’ Sequel

I’m DONE sharing my two cents about Miley- I’ll just report the facts. Last time I defended her, she showed up the next day at the Teen Choice Awards… uh… well… just click here if you don’t know. And now, Miley … Continue reading

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A Bible for the Digital Generation

It’s always interesting to see what new ideas people are coming up with to try to capture the attention of this young “digital” generation. Enter the GLO Bible, stage left. Glo’s YouTube ad says, “God’s Word is sacred and perfect. But with … Continue reading

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Running for You

Last Saturday I ran 10 miles… for you! Saturday was one of our ministry’s fund-raisers, a little event called ENDURE. People either biked 100 km or ran 10 miles. I opted to run, because that only takes 90 minutes, and … Continue reading

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