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How Many Atheists… Really?

It’s interesting to me how often the subject of atheists has come up in conversation lately. Maybe it’s because I just re-read the final edit of my book titled CONNECT, a book that devotes an entire chapter on the type of kid … Continue reading

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Youth Ministry from the 60’s til Now

I’m in downtown Los Angeles teaching at the National Youth Workers Convention… but I’m also recording a bunch of podcasts for you guys that will be appearing on our THE SOURCE PODCAST page this fall. I’m really excited about one that I … Continue reading

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Heading to Los Angeles

Tomorrow morning I’m heading out to teach at the National Youth Workers Convention in Los Angeles, where it was 100 degrees yesterday. Good thing it’s a youth workers convention… we can wear shorts! This convention is always a great time for … Continue reading

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What People Retweet

The whole twittering phenomena has been interesting to watch. I’ve resisted, mostly because I think my tweets would be boring (I’m on a plane, I’m writing, I’m on another plane, I’m watching my kid’s soccer game, I’m eating hot wings, … Continue reading

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How Much Influence Does MTV Have?

Two weeks ago I told you to set your TIVOs to record the MTV Video Music Awards, referring to the show as one of the top three “portholes into youth culture” you’ll see any given year. Last week I wrote my … Continue reading

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I’m in the airport on the way to Houston to teach my CONNECT workshop to youth workers from a group of area churches in Galveston, TX. I love doing this training workshop, equipping youth workers to connect with kids, specifically one-on-one … Continue reading

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To Save a Life

I’m going to be completely honest. Don’t get mad at me for saying this… but I’m not a big fan of most Christian movies. Trust me, it’s not because they’re Christian. Heck, I’m a believer. I would love for Christian … Continue reading

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Kanye Truly “Heartless”

Sunday night millions of teenagers watched The MTV Video Movie Awards to catch a glimpse of the best artists of the day… unfortunately the most of what they caught was the “worst of them.” Kanye was sure at his worst. … Continue reading

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Learning from Chris Brown

Any regular user of our free youth ministry resources knows that we like to use pop culture as a jumpstarter for discussion. (You may remember discussions we’ve done like the one about “Judging Others” when Susan Boyle was on “Britain’s … Continue reading

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Parents… Start Talking About It

We’ve all heard the depressing statistics about sexual activity and unprotected sex among youth today. The question is, “What can we do about it?” According to this article below… “Start talking.” I love it. It’s been great seeing various media … Continue reading

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