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This week has been a blur. I’m at one of my favorite camps that I speak at, Camp Timberlee, just out of Milwaukee, WI. I’m speaking 12 times at the camp, then I fly home Saturday night and preach in both morning services at my home church. (Whew!)

The week at the camp has been great so far. Highlights:

  • My daughter Alyssa is with me and we’ve been having a great time being together
  • A bunch of kids gave their lives to Christ at the beginning of the week. I don’t know how many- about 30 to 40 hands went up. We sent them to pray one-on-one with their counselors. Very cool!
  • I’ve had some great face to face talks with kids this week, all these with my daughter at my side. It’s been fun having Alyssa see the ministry opportunities at a camp like this.
  • My favorite pizza! Yes, Alyssa and I had Giordanos Pizza when we landed in Chicago before driving up to the camp. Yes!!! I love it!

This morning was another productive morning. After speaking and talking with some kids, I connected with my buddy Chris Radloff and recorded a THE SOURCE PODCAST about developing our staff and volunteers with “desired outcomes.” Chris is a brilliant manager who creates an arena where ministry happens! It will be great for you to hear from him (we’ll launch that podcast in another month or so). If you’re curious- jump onto our THE SOURCE PODCAST page and scroll down to podcast #7 where I interviewed him before about developing volunteers. Great podcast.

I also recorded a couple more A LIL BIT podcasts this morning- that’s our podcast for kids. It’s fun recording that here, especially because I’ve seen so many kids at this camp become excited about the opportunity to listen to a Bible study podcast when they get home.

Gotta Run!

Praise God!

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  1. Adam says:

    So when you’re walking around Milwaukee, every time you see or hear the name of the city, do you revert back to Alice Cooper talking about it in Wayne’s World? I know I do.