Girl Auctioning Her Virginity Offered Millions

Posted on: 01/14/09 8:17 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Last September I blogged about a young graduate from my local California State University in Sacramento who decided to auction off her virginity to pay for graduate studies.

Now she’ll be able to pay for a little more than school. Bids for a night with Natalie have just grown up to 3.7 million dollars. So far, 10,000 men have bid to have sex with her.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at her little venture. Isn’t that what our society is teaching our kids? Take your clothes off, and get paid! We encouraged Jennifer Anniston (and I quote, “I applaud her”) when she did it. Britney’s video goes number one when she does it. The message is clear. Skin pays!

I think the ironic part of this whole matter is the intent behind this whole endeavor. 22 year old Natalie wants to become a marriage and family counselor.

Maybe this will get men to become more interested in seeing a counselor.

“Sorry honey, I’m going to be late for dinner. I’m going to be seeing my therapist again.”

“Why are those bills so expensive dear?”

Natalie, with a degree in Women’s Studies (I’m not even going to make a comment about that one), insists that she’s not demeaning herself.

The last line of this particular article is classic. I gotta give Natalie points for getting this one thing right. Natalie concludes:

“It’s shocking that men will pay so much for someone’s virginity, which isn’t even prized so highly anymore.”

4 Replies to “Girl Auctioning Her Virginity Offered Millions”

  1. this is just sad to me. it is such a commentary on our society, sex isn’t a big deal. this is so contrary to God’s design for sex. He created it to be something beautiful to be shared between a man and a woman in the context of marriage. it has been down-graded to just another thing people do when they have nothing else to do.

    i read the article and it appears that she is doing this under the umbrella of a “study” which was inspired by her sister being able to pay for her college after 3 weeks of prostitution. is this a study of any real necessity? i really don’t think it is. she could/should be doing a study that will aid her in her career down the road instead of participating in something that contributes to the break down of families and marriages.

    this is just a convenient disguise for prostitution. this won’t help anyone, her “research” will not help anyone. what will it tell us, that some men are willing to pay someone for sex…we already knew that, that is why everyday people are busted for soliciting sex.

    i hate that we live in a world where this is not only acceptable but almost applauded. i really am disgusted and feel badly for this young lady who thinks this is a great way to pay for school. she needs prayer. it makes me sad that she thinks so little of herself and her purity that she is willing to sell it to whoever pays the most. what happened to getting a job after college and paying back your loans over an extended period of time? i hope the behavior in this article doesn’t become the new norm.

  2. i think it would be awesome if she arranged a meeting with the auction winner and Chris hanson walked out and said, “hi, i’m with dateline NBC and apparently you’re a sicko.” Honestly there are places (unfortunately) one can go legally and do these transactions for much less money. the reason she is so valuable on this auction is because of the virginity factor. i know that’s obvious, but that tells me that these scummy men that are bidding have some type of twisted nastiness to them. i wish i had 5 million bucks to throw at this so i could meet her and say, “precious, you are worth so much more than 5mil. you’re worth God’s very best. not bc you’re a virgin, but just because he loves you. that’s what give you value.” unfortunately i have $11. and my wife would probably not approve of me bidding on this. But i hear chris hanson is available.

  3. the problem with this young people they dont know that they are fearful and wonderfuly amount of money can pay for here body.

  4. this is a bit on the weird side, but theres definetely a price for everything, and she named hers. i think 3 million dollars is a pretty awesome price to go for.
    and think about it; every day lots of girls are doing this for NO price,and at ages a lot younger then her. at least she is doing it for a good cause, and she isnt demeaning herself, if theres anyone being demeaned its the men paying for her.
    she has a clear goal to become a counsellor, andf i think judging her for doing what she can to get there is wrong. go girl!

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