Just Talking… or Is It?

Posted on: 01/8/09 6:42 PM | by Jonathan McKee

MySpace hasn’t exactly been growing by leaps and bounds anymore. Facebook seems to have stolen most of its thunder. But that hasn’t kept MySpace out of the news… and that’s not always “good news.”

Last week CNN reported on a new study that unveils what most of the conversation on MySpace is about.

A snippet from the article:

(CNN) — A new study finds that 54 percent of teens talk about behaviors such as sex, alcohol use, and violence on the social networking giant MySpace — presenting potential risks even if all they’re doing is talking, researchers said Monday.

Not all of these kids are necessarily doing what they talk about. A lot of it might be “just talk.” But the article goes onto say…

Even if teens have not actually engaged in risky behaviors but merely brag about them online, this can still affect their future behavior, said study co-author Dr. Dimitri Christakis, professor of pediatrics at the University of Washington and director of the Center for Child Health, Behavior and Development at Seattle Children’s Hospital.


Do you know what your kids are posting on their social networking Web sites?

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2 Replies to “Just Talking… or Is It?”

  1. Teens on facebook are talking about thae same things that myspace teens are talking about. This isn’t just a myspace thing. Although I am not sure how much churched teens are talking about drugs as they are about going to beer parties and the sex or almost sex that they had. Most in our circles I believe are just about to have these talks. One reason I believe that they haven’t gotten that far in my area as much is because they have parents involvement. That trend I believe will soon change if parents continue to work more and talk less with their teens. This lack of involvement or lack of understanding of the times with parents leads us to where our youth have come. Some not all have adopted the idea that teens need to get all adults or adults that challenge them in their talk or speach are too serious and just a don’t understand. With that in mind I am seeing many teens get rid of adults off of their facebook. What are you all seeing? I would like to hear!

  2. Thats not to metion there are tons of pornographic or even just sexual references on things like stickers and bumperstickers that your kids could not even be looking for but end up seeing anyways. Even flair which is pretty clean has some sexual references, and the quizes like how good are you in bed, what sex position should you try, whats the freakiest place you’ll have sex. I checked the quizes out because I couldn’t believe that things like that could be posted and it made me laugh to see it. Its so gross and why do we need to give kids access to things like that its rediculous.

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