Movies This Weekend

This weekend there seems to be a lot of movie options. As a movie fan… I’m intrigued.

I get to a see a screening of the new animated BOLT tomorrow night (Thurs). I’ll be adding my two cents to our movie review page Friday. Todd will be screening Twilight, to post a Friday review of that highly anticipated (clarification: highly anticipated by teen and tween girls) film. I’ve already chimed in on that film in my blog and youth culture window page.

Our movie review page also will have the review for the new Bond film up this weekend- which I am told- was very good. Right now we have the review for Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (in Theatre’s now) which Todd scored “Theatre Worthy”, as well as some rental releases including Wall- E (loved it- a score of “Worth Buying”), Kung Fu Panda (loved it), and Tropic Thunder (which Todd didn’t like, but I have to admit was a funny satirical look at Hollywood actors. Careful… really bad language).

A note about Kung Fu Panda. I watched it with my family last night. Usually I’m ahead of the game with movies. But with this one, my kids had seen it, and I hadn’t. They loved it and told me I would too. I was cordial, but inside I was thinking, “Oh brother.” I really didn’t think the previews looked that good.

Boy was I wrong!

It was really fun. I’d give it a score of “Worth Buying” using our movie review page scoring guide. First, it was really funny. Jack Black is a riot. Second, it was actually clean. Animation films of late don’t always achieve that. But this film had about one joke in the entire movie that the most conservative would object to (when the Panda is kicked between the legs and he exclaims, “Oh my tenders!”) The film is actually rated PG for “martial arts violence.” LOL. The film is G… trust me.

Pop some popcorn. A lot of good movies.

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