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Ministry in Wide Open Places

I just finished speaking at an event in South Dakota this past weekend. On Saturday night I spoke with a challenge to reach out beyond our church walls, and on Sunday afternoon I did a workshop for parents. Saturday evening … Continue reading

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South Dakota

It’s 3:40 AM Saturday (yeah, trust me, I’m TIRED!) and I’m getting ready to head out to the airport to hop on the first flight out to Denver, then on to South Dakota. I will land in Sioux Falls and then drive into … Continue reading

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Stop at Nothing to Be the Best Bimbo

“What do you want to be when you grow up Kelsey?” “I want to be a bimbo!” Where is this kind of thinking coming from? How about a new UK website aimed at girls 9-16 that gives users “bimbo dollars’ for … Continue reading

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Famous for What?

I love this little CNN news peice titled, “Famous for what?” And that’s exactly what it’s about. People who are famous for… what? Think… Paris Hilton. Yeah. Exactly! CNN’s thoughts on this subject could be summarized with this statement, “It used … Continue reading

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Cell Phone Use at Youth Group

In our current THE SOURCE podcast (Episode #13) I promised I’d blog about it. It’s something youth leaders all deal with. We’ve heard it countless times: Every kid in our youth room has a cell phone in their pocket!   – How do … Continue reading

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Inside the Mind of Tweens and Teens

This week we’ve been researching the self esteem of young girls. David wrote an amazing peice of research in this week’s Youth Culture Window- take a peek at that if you haven’t seen it. (More on that later this week.) … Continue reading

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Did You Miss It?

“This is an awareness test.” That’s how this 55 second viral YouTube video starts. Go ahead… give it a try. Because during this Easter season, this “test” brings up a pretty good point. Watch closely:  It’s easy to miss something … Continue reading

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Teacher Doesn’t Let Kid Pee

When you gotta go you gotta go! Mark this one under the category of “Oooops,” I guess I handled that one poorly!” I suppose this Meadowbrook Middle School teacher didn’t take the kid seriously. Last Thursdaym, after lunch, a sixth grade … Continue reading

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The Rise and Fall of Social Network Sites

A couple years ago everything was about MySpace. Last year seemed to be Facebook‘s year. Who’s next? According to this Compete blog, the hot site right now is, up 284% last month compared to Facebook‘s 77% growth and MySpace‘s … Continue reading

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Some of you are familiar with my MOVIE REVIEW page on our web site. I just viewed Beowulf recently to write a review. Wow. I just saw new boundaries for PG-13 (of course, you can also get the “unrated” director’s … Continue reading

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