Recruiting Your Volunteer Dream Team

pictureHave you ever sat in church on a Sunday morning, looked around the room and coveted volunteers?

Okay, maybe it’s just me. I’ll notice a young couple I know sitting across the isle who are fun, relevant and on fire for God. All I can think of is…

“They’d be perfect youth ministry volunteers!
Middle schoolers would love these two!!!”

And then what do we usually do? We shake our head and say, “I wish they would sign up to help.”

And that is where we usually fail. Continue reading “Recruiting Your Volunteer Dream Team” »

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A dad’s words giving away his daughter

This was powerful. Wow! I won’t mess it up by talking about it. Just watch this little YouTube clip of a dad’s words as he gave away his daughter in marriage:

I’m totally inspired for when I give away my daughters!

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Growing After Graduation

growing-in-faithRemember all that hype about the 5%?

I think I heard it like this. “Do you know that only 5% of Christian students actually keep their faith when they graduate from high school?”

Really? 5%?

Someone said it once, printed it, and it became “research.” I’ve heard all kinds of numbers, some of them unbelievable, some of them from solid research and really sobering. But numbers aside, anyone who has worked in youth ministry for any length of time can attest to one undeniable truth: too many kids walk away from their faith, stop plugging in with other believers or stop attending church after high school.

So that begs the question, how do we help kids grow in their faith so they continue their faith journey, growing and fellowshipping after graduation? Continue reading “Growing After Graduation” »

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Developing Student Leaders

Mom and Teenager TalkingThis week I received a great question in the form of a tweet, one I’ve been asked repeatedly about mentoring young people.

Youth pastor Brandon asked me about developing today’s student leaders. He finished reading my book, Ministry By Teenagers, and was challenged by my emphasis to provide an adult mentor for each student leader. His specific question was Continue reading “Developing Student Leaders” »

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Actually Reaching Kids Experiencing Same Sex Attraction

tough questions“We have a girl in our youth group who has decided she is a lesbian…”

“I want to share what the Bible says about homosexuality, but I’m afraid it’s going to just build walls instead of breaking them down.”

“My son doesn’t want to believe in God if God is against gays.”

The subject of same-sex attraction is probably one of the biggest issues youth ministries and parents are dealing with today. If our kids Continue reading “Actually Reaching Kids Experiencing Same Sex Attraction” »

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Giving Away Avengers Tickets

avengers-age-of-ultronWINNER POSTED! (see below)

You know how much I like movies… so I thought I’d have a nice little contest and give away some Avenger tickets for the new film coming out this Friday! (Your choice of the tickets, or the Blu-ray of the first film)

That means you have to respond fast, because I’ll give these tickets away Friday morning!

Winning is simple. I just want to know your opinion. So use this blog’s comment feature to comment in this post and tell me Continue reading “Giving Away Avengers Tickets” »

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Was the Pei Wei Hostess Right?

sorry-we're-closedLast night when I finished teaching my More Than Just the Talk parenting workshop in Albuquerque, NM, a bunch of us went out to catch a late night dinner together.

About 15 of us walked into Pei Wei (the poor man’s PF Changs) at 8:38 p.m. A young employee walks up to us and said, “Oh, wow. Yeah, I just wanted to tell you that we close at nine o’clock.”

One of the guys in our group, a police officer, looked at his watch confused and said, “Well… it’s 8:38.”

She said, Continue reading “Was the Pei Wei Hostess Right?” »

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4 Free Videos

Jonathan McKee SEX  interviewThis month I’ve been busy with interviews, both radio and TV, talking about how caring adults can become young people’s “Go To” person about sex.

Sadly, we’re hearing a growing number of stories of kids who were too scared to open up with their parents about the subject of sex, but they’re looking for answers… sometimes to very embarrassing questions.

Of all the interviews I’ve done recently, here is a very helpful four-part series I did on the Canadian TV show My New Day Continue reading “4 Free Videos” »

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Sex and Screens

fleeing-pornLast Friday night I spoke to a group of middle school kids in Cincinnati about sex and screens… here’s a glimpse of how we got the conversation started.

The format was fun. I spoke to them first, letting them know Sex Matters, even in a world that thinks it’s no big deal. Then I gave them four tools to become smarter than their smartphone, fleeing some of the temptations that can be distractions today (something I also addressed in this week’s Parenting Help article, Preventing the Permeation of Porn).

After a break, the students met with an adult leader in small groups and dialogued about what they heard. Here are the discussion questions I provided Continue reading “Sex and Screens” »

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Today’s Teens and Their Tech

teen-girls-selfieLast week Pew Research’s Amanda Lenhart released their brand new report on Teens, Social Media and Technology, providing us with the newest data on how many kids are actually online, engaging in social media, and using mobile devices.

Any parent or adult who has connection with today’s teens already knows the answer to that question: all of them are!

Well… pretty close.

The report provides a pretty accurate breakdown of what tech teens own and have access to. Here’s a glimpse Continue reading “Today’s Teens and Their Tech” »

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