Engaging Today’s Teens in Meaningful Conversation

Jonathan McKee Canada interviewCanadian TV show My New Day just posted three of their shows online where the hosts Bob and Audrey interviewed me about engaging today’s teenagers in meaningful conversation. (You’ll see Part 1, 2, and 3 all linked on this page. Part 1 really gets started at about 8:45 into it, the rest dive in right away.)

These videos are great clips to show to parents about how to use everyday real-world occurrences to get our kids talking about stuff that matters.

Here’s an excerpt from part 3 Continue reading “Engaging Today’s Teens in Meaningful Conversation” »

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What youth ministry should look like

Living-Room-Small-GroupI walked into the small church Fellowship Hall in Richmond, VA and it was busting at the seams. 300-plus teenagers and about 70 leaders—better than a 1-to-5 ratio of adult to teen.

Don’t be intimidated by the numbers… be challenged by the ratio.

This was a church of less than 1,000… no building (they were borrowing the Fellowship Hall from a neighboring church). Normally, they met spread out in living rooms all over the city.

It was fun to see the energy in the room. Each table had six to eight kids and one or two adults all laughing, talking, and eating pizza together (there’s that ratio again). It was the beginning of their D-Now weekend (D-Now stands for Disciple Now, a weekend retreat of sorts focusing on the spiritual growth of teenagers). I was the speaker, but it wasn’t me who would be making the big impact that weekend… it was the 70 adult leaders who were spread throughout the room connecting with kids. God was using these caring mentors to make a huge difference in the lives of these teens.

What was their secret? Continue reading “What youth ministry should look like” »

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Today is the day… and a freebie for you

book-release-dateLast spring Bethany House Publishing set the release for both of my new books about sex for March 17, 2015, a date that seemed so far away… and it’s finally here!

In a world so full of explicit lies, I’m excited about these two resources helping us communicate the explicit Biblical truth to young people.

Please help me spread the word about these two brand new resources! Read them, and if they are a help, then tell someone else about them. Tweet about them, post a pic on Instagram when you receive them. Post a blog or a review.

I appreciate your help… in fact… here’s a little sum-something for ya… Continue reading “Today is the day… and a freebie for you” »

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Canadian Parents Forced to Talk about Sex

Jonathan-McKee-100-Huntley-StreetOntario just updated their sex education curriculum for the first time in 17 years, and parents across the country are a little upset with some of the content. Students will learn about masturbation, oral sex, anal sex (hold on to your hats… I’ll be writing about this taboo subject in our next Parenting Help article), and gender identity theory. In fact, students will be learning six gender identities instead of just two.

Last week I flew to Toronto for a timely interview about my new book More Than Just the Talk on the Canadian TV show 100 Huntley Street (airing late March). This new book asserts “parents need to create a comfortable climate of continual conversations about sex” … a sore subject for Canadian parents right now Continue reading “Canadian Parents Forced to Talk about Sex” »

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Can I have your help?

Jonathan-new-bookCan I  have your help? I’m looking for a handful of people to interact with personally and get some feedback.

Here’s the skinny: My two new books about SEX are releasing on Amazon soon, and I’m looking for some readers who would like to…

  1. Read either/both of my new books
  2. Post a review on Amazon

If you would be willing to do that, I’ll interact with you personally through the process Continue reading “Can I have your help?” »

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Bringing up the subject

Parents-Communicating-KidsIn one of my recent More Than Just the Talk workshops where I encouraged parents to create a comfortable climate of continual conversations about sex, a parent asked…

“Well, what are we supposed to do, bring it up?”

The brand new article I just posted on TheSource4Parents.com answers that question in great detail. The short of it is… we don’t have to bring it up. The world does that for us. When we’re watching TV, it’s hard to avoid sexual references, innuendo, and images. Songs laden with sexual lyrics play on the radio, in the stores, and at the gym. If you let your kids out of the house (which I recommend you do), then they are exposed to Continue reading “Bringing up the subject” »

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Teenaged Doubters

Teenage-DoubtersWhenever I talk with today’s teenagers, I see them processing what I tell them. It’s almost as if they are weighing it in their minds:

“Does he really know what he is talking about?

Does this make sense?

Would this make my life better…or worse?”

Today’s adults don’t have presumed authority. Kids don’t take us at our word. We’ve raised a generation who grew up watching Nick and the Disney Channel where they’ve learned that parents and teachers are Continue reading “Teenaged Doubters” »

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Conversations about Sex

between the sheetsThey’re here!

I’ve never experienced so much anticipation for one of my books–two of my books actually–probably because they’re candidly addressing the truth about a subject usually kept hush-hush.

I’m talking about my two brand new books about sex (both in stock and shipping today), one for teens, and one for parents and adult mentors. Thanks to all of you who have been asking me about these two resources. I’ve never had soooooo many people asking for early copies and eager to buy bulk copies for their kids and parents. (And to the hundreds of you who pre-ordered copies over the last several months… they’re shipping today!)

I won’t bother blabbing about them. Here’s what others are saying Continue reading “Conversations about Sex” »

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Walking Dead Conversations

The-Walking-DeadIt’s nice when the most watched cable show happens to also be one of the most discussion-provoking shows on television. (And that’s why we post discussion questions pointing to scripture after every episode.)

I’m talking about The Walking Dead. The hit show had its mid-season premier last week, and it drew over 15 million viewers, ranking it not only the top viewed cable show that week, but also beating most broadcast shows. In fact The Walking Dead beat out American Idol, Empire, Modern Family, Scandal, Two and Half Men, Two Broke Girls… and almost everything else.

And what is the common theme of the show week after week Continue reading “Walking Dead Conversations” »

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Sex Matters

Sex-secretsTwo brand new resource are releasing that will help us dialogue about an issue… we usually keep hush hush!

The end of this week two of my brand new books about SEX will literally be coming off the press and being boxed in timely fashion… on Valentines Day… and on the release of the new movie, 50 Shades of Grey. (You might have just seen the new Youth Culture Window article I just posted about that film, “Mom, Why Do People Like ‘50 Shads of Grey’?”)

In a world filled with sexually charges images and content, I’m excited Continue reading “Sex Matters” »

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